Privileged User Management (PUM), also known as “Superuser Privilege Management” (SUPM), controls access to the administrative accounts that exist on operating systems, applications, and databases that are used to install, configure, administer, and manage these platforms. It also limits how long access is granted to these accounts and provides a complete audit trail of this activity.

Privileged accounts are both a necessity and a liability. Administrative, Superuser, Root, and other privileged accounts provide the nearly unlimited access to system resources that is essential for everyday IT operations, yet auditors recognize that unmonitored, uncontrolled access to privileged accounts leaves an organization open to privacy breaches, fraud, and identity theft that cannot be traced to a specific individual.

Our sophisticated Privileged User Management System solves all of these problems by providing an automated framework for controlling access to privileged accounts based on policies and user attributes that you define. It also enables the instant revocation of these privileges to ensure that access is only granted for the duration necessary to perform the operations for which access was granted.