Improve security by empowering users

Today’s workers are creative, always on the move, and used to having access to the systems, applications, and information they want at their fingertips. But resource constraints, limited helpdesk staff, and security concerns have compromised IT’s ability to keep up.

Employees want access to all the applications they might possibly need. But your security department wants to limit application access to those who need it, when they need it — the principle of least access. Traditionally, organizations have responded to this tension by requiring employees and their managers to request access to systems from IT at the time of use. This can easily lead to overwhelmed IT helpdesks, slow response times, and lost productivity.

With RapidIdentity, when a worker needs to use a new application, they can directly request access through their personal portal. Depending on pre-defined rules and organizational policies, the system can either directly provision access, or can provision access after managerial approval, all automatically, and without IT disruption.

Self-service access from RapidIdentity allows you to:

  • Maximize productivity across all functions in your business by delivering anywhere, anytime access securely and effortlessly
  • Grant users the ability to self-service their account information, including password resets
  • Grant managers the ability to request, approve, certify and extend application entitlement access for themselves and direct reports
  • Significantly reduce helpdesk calls, ticket workflow, and IT intervention costs
  • Create dynamic policies based on schedule, geography, role, and other unique user attributes
  • Generate real-time views and time-based reports to analyze user access and activity