Unparalleled flexibility for external users.

RapidIdentity’s advanced Sponsorship feature allows your organization to efficiently manage user accounts for contractors, consultants, vendors, volunteers, and others who need to access your systems, but aren’t actually employees.

Because external users like these don’t work directly for you, they are rarely entered into the authoritative system — whether HR, finance, or some other system — and traditional Identity Management solutions don’t recognize them. Creating and managing accounts for outside workers in all the systems they need to access typically becomes a manual, time-intensive process for IT, open to human error.

The challenge is compounded by these outside users’ relatively short engagements. When a temporary user leaves, the same amount of manual workload is required to de-provision their accounts. This can become a large burden for any organization with churn in temporary users.

Using RapidIdentity’s Sponsorship feature, your organization can break free of this cycle and effectively manage the complete lifecycle of such users, from beginning to end.

Managed by managers, not IT

With RapidIdentity’s Sponsorship system, outside workers are brought on quickly and easily. In a typical use case, a hiring manager “sponsors” the outside worker in the system. Account access to the different applications is then automatically granted based on pre-defined rules, all without active IT involvement, but still within pre-set organization-wide security and privacy policies.

Once the new account is created, the original Sponsor has the option to transfer it to another sponsor, allowing any contractor to easily move between different departments, groups, or roles, even report to different managers. A sponsor can retain these responsibilities while also delegating administration privileges to another manager. A department head may be the sponsor of all contractors within that department, but can delegate management of those contractors to their reports.

Through RapidIdentity, accounts can be created for users in any connected system, including email, directory services, databases, and point of sale systems.

Account expiration ensures security

To ensure security, every sponsored account has a required expiration date, a period defined by organizational policies. When an account is about to expire, the appropriate sponsor is alerted to re-attest that contractor’s account, with the option of extending the expiration date to the next period. If a sponsor does not re-attest an account by the deadline, the system automatically de-provisions the account to prevent them from being accessible indefinitely.

By placing these sponsored accounts in the direct care of hiring managers, you place the responsibility on the one person who knows 1) whether an account is still active, and 2) when it needs to be de-provisioned. If a contractor needs to maintain access for another period of time, the sponsor can log in and re-attest the account to match the accurate contract length. On the other hand, if a contractor needs to be immediately deactivated, sponsors can securely close that access in a single mouse click.