Managing user access states

RapidIdentity’s Workflow module enables users to evaluate and manage user access states. The user’s organizational role determines resource access. Resources may be physical, such as equipment or a workspace,  or electronic, including software applications or databases.

As the user’s career develops, or if a user departs the organization, Workflow can update the user’s access state immediately. As a result, the user acquires necessary access to complete their work thus reducing challenges associated with acquiring too much access.

The Workflow module contains five major interfaces:

  1. Dashboard: allows users to view current entitlements (access to granted resources)
  2. Requests: allows users to submit entitlement access requests
  3. Approvals: allows entitlement owners to grant or re-assign entitlement access
  4. Certifications: allows entitlement owners to review and act on pending entitlement expirations
  5. Task Manager: allows administrators to research and track tasks by user or status

The underlying Workflow technology is optimized to communicate with the organization’s directory, such as Microsoft’s Active Directory, and when necessary, organization databases. While the specific process depends on the desired action and goal, from the user’s perspective, checking a box or clicking a button (e.g. to request or certify an access entitlement) is sufficient.

The Workflow module benefits organizations by allowing:

  1. Users to moderate their access and make access requests
  2. Access entitlement owners to approve, deny, revoke, reassign and certify access requests
  3. IT professionals to research and analyze tasks by status or person

Click the links to watch Workflow Certification Release Notes videos on entitlements:

  1. Expiring annually
  2. Expiring on a particular day or after a certain amount of time
  3. Temporarily extended