Delivering a higher level of identity management.

Institutes of higher education are unlike other organizations. With high complexity, ever-changing populations, non-hierarchical structures, dynamic partnerships, and overlapping roles and identity sources, standard identity management solutions simply are not enough to provide the security, data privacy, and adaptability necessary for education and research organizations to complete their missions.

Like any organization, institutes of higher education must stay on top of their organizational structure, complex business operations, technology infrastructure and support, and the privacy and security of different roles and groups.

But colleges and universities have concerns that go above and beyond these standard areas, like online services including MOOCs, highly specialized resources often required for advanced research, complex library systems, and grant processes, not to mention added administrative concerns for everything from admissions and housing to healthcare and data privacy.

RapidIdentity Higher Education Edition is built to accomplish all of this and more.

Handle Multiple Roles Simply & Securely

The amount and variation in identity sources in college and university settings create unique challenges. RapidIdentity is designed to adapt to any combination: student systems and registrars, admissions teams, faculty, library administration, alumni, athletic departments, parents, donors, research staff, and guests, to name just several possibilities.

Demand a Solution Tailored to Higher Education

Our powerful solutions for research and education institutes enable robust identity proofing and registration. Educational institutes are able to:

  • Authenticate online users
  • Update identity data instantly
  • Manage permissions across multiple affiliations, groups, and roles
  • Seamlessly connect users to applications
  • Provide robust support for all audit and certification protocols.
  • Manage identities across multiple campuses

Facilitate Flexible, Secure Partnerships

RapidIdentity fosters collaboration while protecting the sensitive data and privacy demanded in higher education. Unlike most businesses, which form strictly defined partnerships, the daily workings of a college or university often involve a mix of formal and informal partnerships, including inter-institutional and international relationships. And because of the nature of the work involved, any hindrance to these collaborations is unworkable. RapidIdentity allows these partnerships to form rapidly and flourish without compromises to security or privacy and without requiring significant IT resources.

Accommodate Cloud & Device Proliferation

RapidIdentity future-proofs higher education organizations by supporting any device and is equally robust both for on-premises and cloud-based systems. Universities today are at the forefront of mobile and cloud computing, with populations that work on any and all types of devices and with growing online resources like MOOCs, research platforms, and student life portals. We designed our solutions to fit these unique needs accordingly.

Calibrate Openness and Security

With the massive amount of identities, data, partnerships, and applications required for a university to perform its daily work, a careful balance of flexible openness and solid security is a must. RapidIdentity makes sure connections, access, and data are easily controlled yet also adaptable to any college or university’s specific structure and protocols — both on-premises and in the cloud.

Streamline Business Operations

Behind teaching, research, and the pursuit of knowledge, colleges and universities have financial constraints that factor into their every operation. RapidIdentity ensures that institutes of higher education can efficiently streamline their business administration as well as any large business can and must.

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