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With complex, ever-changing populations, dynamic partnerships, and overlapping roles and identity sources, higher education institutions face challenges that standard identity and access management (IAM) solutions simply can’t address.

Built to address the unique IAM challenges of colleges and universities, RapidIdentity provides the security, data privacy, and adaptability needed, so your institution can excel at its mission.


Unique Identity Challenges in Higher Education


Users with Multiple Roles and Access Levels

From students who are staff to faculty who are students—your users often hold multiple roles. As a result, this can cause data synchronization issues and increased support calls. So, RapidIdentity detects users with multiple roles and then merges them into a single account.


Increased Technology in the Classroom

Ensuring students and faculty have correct access from day one is critical. Streamline and secure the use of technology in the classroom with RapidIdentity’s automated provisioning and secure single sign-on capabilities.


Managing Users at Scale

Higher education IT departments must deal with thousands of new users being onboarded and offboarded at once. RapidIdentity automates the full user lifecycle, so efficiency increases and your IT staff can focus on more strategic initiatives.


Growing Numbers of Contingent & External Users

More than ever, higher education relies on adjunct professors, contractors, and external partners who must be manually provisioned with access. RapidIdentity’s sponsorship feature offers out-of-box functionality and workflows, complete with time-based certification expiration that automates the de-provisioning process.


Ad-Hoc Access Requests

Visiting professors and students often require last-minute network and facility access privileges. RapidIdentity simplifies and streamlines these ad-hoc access requests. IT simply delegates to staff the ability to create accounts and automatically provision appropriate access.


RapidIdentity: Identity and Access Management for Higher Education

Address your identity and access management challenges, while providing a superior user experience for students and faculty with RapidIdentity for Higher Education.

RapidIdentity enables colleges and universities to automate the full identity lifecycle of all users. As a result, your IT team can streamline processes and reclaim hundreds of man-hours to spend on more worthwhile, strategic projects.


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