Orlando, FL
March 10, 2020 - March 12, 2020


We will be participating in a CIO Focus Group at this year's CHIME-HIMSS CIO Forum

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Session Details

We will be hosting a focus group titled, "Complete IAM: Secure and Scale Your IT Infrastructure While Reducing Costs".
In the face of Digital Transformation, increasing cyber attacks, and ever-changing compliance regulations, healthcare organizations must evolve. Complete Identity and Access Management (IAM)—that goes well-beyond pure single-sign on—must become a cornerstone of IT infrastructure in order to support and provide visibility into all types of users and devices, while enabling seamless, yet secure, access to applications and data.
This session will explore IAM maturity in healthcare, with a focus on how to evaluate and scale your implementation across the key tenets of IAM, including authentication, identity lifecycle management, access management, and governance. While many organizations think that governance is too complex to tackle, this discussion aims to demystify and break down this process into achievable steps. Attend this roundtable session to discover how your organization can effectively balance security and compliance needs with usability, while cutting costs.