EPCS for Healthcare

Secure E-Prescription Workflows with DEA-Compliant Authentication Into EMR Applications.

RapidIdentity EPCS is a frictionless, DEA-compliant multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that secures electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS) workflows by quickly and securely verifying clinician identities when placing prescription orders. Designed with security and efficiency in mind, RapidIdentity EPCS helps organizations increase patient safety and improve clinician productivity, while also helping achieve meaningful use objectives.

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A doctor using biometric identification to successfully e-prescribe a controlled substance

Strengthen Prescription Security

Eliminate the risk of hand-written prescriptions being stolen, altered, or forged by sending electronic orders directly to the pharmacy. RapidIdentity EPCS secures these workflows with a variety of DEA-compliant, MFA options for verifying clinician identities, including biometrics, push notifications, and one time passwords tokens.

A doctor and nurse walking down the hospital hallway discussing a patient file

Increase Clinician Productivity

Manually refilling prescriptions, reconciling medication lists, deciphering handwriting, and rectifying errors detracts from clinician productivity. Through direct EMR integration with e-prescribing workflows, RapidIdentity EPCS secures the process, while giving clinicians a single, streamlined workflow for all medications.

A doctor and patient discussing the patient's health

Improve Patient Safety & Convenience

RapidIdentity EPCS supports efforts to take the guesswork out of filling prescriptions and ensures patients receive the correct medication by securing access to e-prescribing workflows. Plus, by sending prescriptions orders directly to a patient’s pharmacy the experience is quicker and more convenient for patients.

Features that Enhance Security, While Supporting Streamlined Workflows.

Frictionless MFA

Verify clinician identities using flexible MFA methods, including biometrics, push notifications, and OTP tokens.

Direct Rx Delivery

Securely send medication orders directly to the pharmacy, reducing the risk of prescription tampering.

EMR Integration

Streamline clinician workflows with direct EMR integration that provides a seamless non-intrusive experience.

Access Controls

Set access controls that ensure proper process is in place for giving EPCS permissions to approved providers.

Audit & Reporting

Establish an audit trail that demonstrates end-to-end compliance with EPCS regulations.

Supervised Enrollment

Facilitate the process of enrolling credentials and aligning with MFA modalities after identity-proofing.

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