RapidIdentity Roster

Everyone wants curriculum delivery platforms in the classroom, but integrating LMS, digital textbooks, and library systems with SIS platforms can be a struggle. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. RapidIdentity Roster effortlessly syncs the class roster data needed to optimize collaboration and ensure students have access to the digital resources they need for each and every class.

The Challenges of Integrating Digital Textbooks

The challenges of integrating digital textbooks

Providing vendors with the data needed to create account logins for students and teachers can be an incredibly complicated and time-consuming process.

Vendors have different formatting requirements for transmitting data. For most school districts, roster data must manually be entered into textbook vendor systems—one student at a time. Errors are common, leaving students without access to course materials for days or even weeks. Class rosters continuously change throughout the year, as students change classes and campuses.

Data Rostering Couldn’t Be Easier with RapidIdentity Roster

Data rostering couldn't be easier

RapidIdentity Roster is a cloud-based integration service that provides reliable sharing and bidirectional syncing of student roster, grades, and performance data with nearly any third-party online educational resources. RapidIdentity goes above and beyond the the capabilities of other data services solutions with:

  • Data Validation: Every field is scrutinized to ensure data accuracy.
  • Data Transformations: Data, such as phone number, is automatically transformed into the desired format of the target system.
  • Data Filtering: Remove fields that your district does not want shared with third-parties.

How RapidIdentity Roster Works

How RapidIdentity Roster Works


One fixed annual price.  No set up fees. No professional services fees. No headaches.

Hassle-free Integration

Simply tell us the system you want integrated, provide us with the correct data feeds, and we do the rest!

Range of Choice

Integrate nearly any web-based edtech solution. Choose up to ten LMS, digital textbook, and other edtech systems of your choice.

Accurate Accounting of Licenses

Course changes are immediately updated in vendor systems, ensuring you are only paying for licenses in use.

Data Privacy Compliance

The RapidRoster platform is housed in a FERPA/COPPA-compliant data center in Amazon Web Services that is managed by Identity Automation.

Support for IMS Global OneRoster™ Standard

Identity Automation is the only vendor OneRoster certified as a provider and consumer for both CSV and REST-based API exchanges.

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