Biometric Patient Identification

Increase Patient Safety and Lower Hospital Costs with Accurate, Fast Identification.

Each year, hospitals experience millions of dollars in avoidable costs stemming from inaccurate patient identification due to denied claims, overlays, duplicate medical records, and even medical fraud. RapidIdentity RightPatientTM is a biometric patient identification solution that significantly reduces these costs, while increasing patient safety and quality of care. By utilizing iris and facial recognition technology, RapidIdentity RightPatientTM delivers highly accurate patient identification in a matter of seconds.

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Strengthen Patient Safety

Strengthen Patient Safety

Iris recognition has been proven to be more accurate than palm, vein, and fingerprint scanners, accurately identifying patients as young as thirteen months. When paired with facial recognition and photo technology, clinicians can be confident they’re treating the correct patient, significantly reducing the risk of patient illness or injury caused by misidentification errors.

Saves millions a year

Save Millions Every Year

Inaccurate patient identification threatens patient safety and causes costly mistakes. Biometric patient identification drastically reduces patient misidentification errors and instances of patient identity fraud, costing hospitals between $750K – $3 million a year in the emergency department alone. Add to this the losses resulting from denied claims, overlays, duplicate medical records, and liability issues, and it’s easy to see how much a proven patient identification solution can save.

Achieve Data Integrity

Achieve Data Integrity

RapidIdentity RightPatientTM delivers consistent patient information across multiple systems and uses a one-to-many algorithm that doesn’t rely on a date of birth for identification to further ensure data integrity. And, by providing a concrete audit trail of patient visit data and pictures, RapidIdentity RightPatientTM ensures medical professionals have easy access to complete and up-to-date information.

Innovative Features that Increase Accuracy & Reduce Costs

Iris and Facial Recognition Technology

Accurately identify patients with innovative technology that captures a patient photo and automatically retrieves the correct medical record in a single step.

EMR Integration

Directly embed patient photos into EMR, further ensuring clinicians have the correct patient— giving both hospitals and patients peace of mind.

Contactless Solution

Improve hygiene and reduce the spread of bacteria with a contactless solution that eliminates the need to constantly clean equipment.

One to Many Algorithm

Lower the chances of misidentification through a 1:N algorithm that doesn’t rely on patient date of birth to accurately identify patients.

Mobile Patient Identification

Equip EMT’s and home care professionals with the mobile app, allowing them to accurately identify unconscious or unresponsive patients anywhere.

Audit Log for Compliance Analytics

Aggregate and analyze patient visit data and access a concrete audit log of visits with patient photos for compliance, dispute resolution, and clinical insights.

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