ExactAccess Enterprise Single Sign-On

Automate fast, secure access to clinical applications and patient information.

Achieving efficient clinical access to patient information while ensuring HIPAA compliance is the ultimate challenge in healthcare. Ranked #1 by KLAS Research for 2017 and 2018, RapidIdentity ExactAccess is an enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO) and clinical workflow solution that automates fast, secure access to patient information and clinical applications. ExactAccess strengthens organizational efficiency by unifying role-based application access, multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSO auditing capabilities, and secure e-prescribing onto one single platform.

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doctor using QwickAccess proximity badge to log into their workspace

Increase Clinician Productivity

Achieving organizational efficiency begins with ease of access to user workstations. RapidIdentity ExactAccess provides clinicians with passwordless access to their unique desktop environments and clinical applications running on shared devices. Users can tap-in, tap-out, and even tap-over other users’ active sessions, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter passwords throughout the day and giving back more time to spend with patients.

Get Unmatched Application Integration

RapidIdentity ExactAccess boasts a 100% success rate with application integration. Our innovative drag-and-drop design allows organizations to automatically integrate most Windows and web-based applications, eliminating the need for profilers, wizards, and installers. In addition to Cerner, MEDITECH, and other critical application integrations, our deep integration into Epic delivers unique functionality unmatched by other solutions.

Leverage Existing Architecture

Unlike other eSSO solutions, ExactAccess is not an invasive solution and therefore, does not require a complete infrastructure overhaul. RapidIdentity ExactAccess can leverage your existing hardware, so there’s no need for a messy and expensive rip-and-replace of your current environment to implement new, pre-configured hardware. This keeps costs down, while providing a simpler, more seamless transition to our powerful and easy to manage solution.

eSSO Features Designed to Strengthen Organizational Efficiency and Security

Proximity Badge Functionality

Allow clinicians to access their work on any supported endpoint device and secure their sessions with the tap of a badge.

User-Customizable Launchpad

Enable clinicians to easily manage access to their applications by pinning their favorite applications onto the toolbar or workspace area for faster access.

Drag and Drop Application Integration

Automatically integrate most Windows and Web-based applications in a matter of seconds—without wizards, installers, or profilers—saving time and money.

Audit, Reporting, and Analysis

Answer key organizational questions on user behavior, security risks, and device/application utilization with the web-based reporting tool.

DEA-Compliant Secure E-Prescribing

Empower physicians to electronically order prescriptions for controlled substances by verifying their identities through secure MFA methods.

Self-Service Password Reset

Reduce help desk calls and save money by enabling your clinical users to reset their own Windows Active Directory Passwords without IT assistance or delays.

Hear From Our Clients

Rockford Health System

We save approximately $500 per device by running RapidIdentity ExactAccess with Windows embedded on HP thin clients—with 1,000 devices deployed, that’s a savings of $500,000 in hardware costs alone.

Shawn David Chief Technology Officer
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Request a demo today to see how RapidIdentity ExactAccess can help your organization increase clinician productivity and streamline workflow processes while strengthening security and HIPAA compliance.