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Increase Productivity with Secure Proximity Badge Access to Local and Virtual Desktops.

Productivity challenges, desktop security, and user access management are common pain points in any clinical environment. RapidIdentity QwickAccess is a proximity badge access solution that overcomes these challenges by providing fast, secure access to local and virtual desktops. With a simple tap of a proximity badge users sign-in and then, tap the badge again to lock the session, enabling clinicians to roam from room to room with ease, while strengthening desktop security and patient data privacy.

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A Chromebook which is functioning with QwickAccess

Access Any Device, Anywhere

RapidIdentity QwickAccess provides access to Windows and Linux-based operating systems—regardless of whether they’re accessed through a Windows desktop, HP or Dell Wyse thin client, or Chrome Device. With QwickAccess, users can also quickly and securely access VDI environments, including Microsoft RDC, VMWare View, and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

Balance security and usability in healthcare with quick access to local and virtual dektops.

Improve Clinician Efficiency

With support for mixed environments, QwickAccess users can roam from room to room with ease, accessing their work on any device connected to the organization’s network. A clinician on the move can seamlessly tap-out from an HP Thin Client in one room and then tap-in on a Chrome device in a different room—decreasing complexity and increasing clinician productivity.

a doctor using a security proximity badge to tap into his system

Strengthen Security and Compliance

Proximity badge functionality allows users to secure their sessions with the tap of a proximity badge. RapidIdentity QwickAccess can also be configured to automatically log users off after a predetermined amount of time, further strengthening desktop security and ensuring compliance with organizational policies that require users to lock their sessions for data privacy (e.g. HIPAA).

Beautifully Simple Features that Deliver Powerful Results

Proximity Badge Functionality

Allow clinicians to access their work on any supported endpoint device and secure their sessions with the tap of a badge.

Self-Registration in a Single Step

Reduce registration complexity and empower your clinicians to register without IT assistance using their current Active Directory credentials.

Support for Mixed Environments

Achieve device interoperability through support for multiple local and virtual desktop environments, enabling clinicians to roam from one device type to another.

Runs in front of any eSSO

Provide clinicians with fast and secure access in front of any eSSO solution, including RapidIdentity ExactAccess.

Web-Based Admin Tools

Equip your IT administrators with the tools to manage a variety of user settings and run audit reports from virtually anywhere.

Available on Chrome Devices

Access your Citrix environment sessions with the only proximity badge access solution integrated with Chrome devices.

Hear From Our Clients

Saint Luke's Health System

Clinicians are saving time each day; we have had physicians say they are able to see two to three more patients a day with the additional time it saves.

Michael Kamer IT Manager

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