RapidIdentity Universal Identity Statewide IAM Solution

The Universal Identity solution offers a centralized identity store, connecting individual LEAs (Local Education Agency) to the State for secure data sharing and portability, while reducing the administrative burden of data entry, decision-making at state and local levels, and increasing the overall cyberdefense posture of districts in your state.

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Universal Identity Fabric offers Statewide IAM with LEA Flexibility

Universal Identity Management

Secure and scalable consumption, transformation, and provisioning of identity attributes across the edtech ecosystem linked to a single, Universal Identity for each user.

Single Identity Authentication (MFA & Passwordless)

Granular role-based and policy-driven, frictionless authentication designed for all Education-specific user profiles

Statewide SSO Portal

Persona-centric portal for all user types, including students, parents, staff and more to access State resources

Point-of-Click AI Phishing Protection

Stop malicious actors from exploiting the top threat vector, phishing, in all avenues beyond merely the inbox (social media, text messages, personal devices, etc.)

Compromised Credential Monitoring

Quickly and easily automatically identity and remediate users leveraging credentials that have become compromised in external data breaches to keep accounts safe

Virtual Firewall & Geofencing

Leverage network traffic to protect against brute force, botnet attacks, and malicious nation-state actors

Interconnected Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Increase visibility into the threat landscape to proactively guard against attacks

Statewide Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response (SOAR)

Improve automated coordination and response times of protective measures when threats rise.

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