Access Controls

Implement and enforce granular access controls across critical applications and systems.

Close the loop on security and compliance gaps with granular access controls. Ensure your organization consistently adheres to business rules, policies, and procedures. RapidIdentity enables your organization to control and manage access at the most granular level. As a result, you can easily adapt to constantly changing security and compliance requirements.

Align with Current Policies

Align with Current Policies

Confidently implement and enforce business and security policies with comprehensive access controls. This not only allows your business to achieve its desired compliance needs, but goes beyond the compliance checkbox by ensuring proper security measures are in place.

Streamline Configuration Management

Eliminate tedious, manual tasks and lower IT management costs by centralizing configuration, reporting, and access control functions. With RapidIdentity, there’s no need to continually log into multiple systems to make access and other configuration changes or to follow-up with system administrators to ensure changes are made.

Be 24/7 Audit-Ready

An evolving regulatory landscape and heightened regulatory scrutiny make the audit process a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. Ensure your organization is always audit-ready with comprehensive access controls that provide clear insight into your current security state and allow you to easily adjust to those business, security, and regulation changes.

Close the Loop on Security and Compliance Gaps with Access Control Features

Configuration, Not Customization

Implement your current business rules with policy-based configurations that are as simple as completing a form and making check box selections.

RBAC and ABAC Access Controls

Configure Role-Based and Attribute-Based Access Controls to manage applications, authentication methods, file and folder access, password complexity, account claim policies, and more.

Workflow-Based Entitlements

Allow or deny access to RapidIdentity applications based on time- and date-specific conditions. And, centrally audit current entitlements and access for all users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Supplement or replace standard password policies with multi-factor authentication policies assigned to users via attribute-based LDAP filters.

Out of the Box Audit Reporting

Always be prepared to demonstrate compliance with comprehensive, out-of-box reporting capabilities. Easily provide a complete audit trail and generate ad-hoc reports.

4 Reasons Why Identity and Access Management Should Be the Core of Your Security Program

Why Should IAM Be the Core of Your Security Program?

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