Bluetooth Authentication Bluetooth Authentication

Bluetooth Authentication leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to enable users to effortlessly lock and unlock their computers when they approach or leave. Thus, striking a balance between corporate mandates to secure personal computing devices and user convenience.


How Bluetooth Authentication Works With RapidIdentity MFA

When a user is within a specific range of his or her computer, the computer senses the Bluetooth signal and wakes up. A notification window that replaces the standard Windows login screen is presented, and the user is prompted to enter a a PIN or password as a second authentication factor.

The system can also be configured to automatically lock a computer and logout a user when the user moves out of range. When the computer loses the Bluetooth signal, it’s assumed the user has moved away, and the system locks. This prevents an unauthorized user from taking advantage of an unlocked and unattended computer.

Bluetooth authentication eliminates the need for usernames and randomly generated passcodes. Only a passive BLE-enabled mobile device and a valid, personal password are needed to authenticate at the device level.


Bluetooth Authentication Benefits

  • Enables frictionless user authentication
  • Increases security and protects personal systems from unauthorized users
  • Enhances user convenience and security by automatically locking a computer when the user leaves

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