Magnetic Stripe & 2D Barcode Magnetic Stripe & 2D Barcode

With this form of authentication, cards utilizing magnetic stripe or barcode technology are presented to and read by a magnetic stripe or optical reader. Magnetic stripes contain information about the cardholder that is stored on the magnetic stripe along the back of the card, while with barcodes, the data is represented in a 2D image. The technology is often leveraged for authentication purposes by companies that already have readers in place for other applications, such as point of sale systems and company vehicles.


How Magnetic Stripes & 2D Barcodes Work with RapidIdentity MFA

RapidIdentity MFA manages the lifecycle of both magnetic stripe and barcode technology, and the selection of PINs by users. The common workflow for magnetic stripe and barcode technology requires the user to present his or her card to a connected magnetic stripe or barcode reader. RapidIdentity MFA then identifies the user’s information and requests the user to enter the PIN associated with the card. Once the user enters his or her PIN, RapidIdentity MFA validates the two components, and the user is permitted access to the operating system or application.


Magnetic Stripe & 2D Barcode Benefits

  • Can be scanned/swiped extremely quickly to identify user
  • Significantly more secure than username/password
  • Leverages existing card
  • Supports both high coercivity (Hi-Co) and a low coercivity (Lo-Co) magnetic stripe cards
  • Can leverage existing reader technology

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