Smart Cards With PKI Smart Cards With PKI

Smart card technology is commonly used in the US Government and larger organizations and is considered one of the stronger forms of authentication. Smart card technology contains a cryptographic module. This module facilitates the generation and security of public key infrastructure (PKI) keys and certificates that are used to authenticate operating systems and applications, sign documents, or encrypt data, such as files or emails.

Users utilizing smart card technology insert a card or cryptographic USB token into a reader, then enter the associated PIN. A key exchange then occurs between the operating system or an application to validate the certificate and associated keys.


How Smart Cards Work With RapidIdentity MFA

Identity Automation is one of the few vendors in the world to provide broad-based authentication support with a fully-functioning smart card management system. Out-of-the-box, RapidIdentity MFA is ready to manage both the creation and life-cycle management of smart card devices and PKI certificates.

RapidIdentity MFA provides broad support for contact and contactless smart card technology in card and token form factors. The solution also delivers all the necessary components to successfully deploy, manage, and use smart card technology with PKI, including: smart card devices, smart card readers, smart card management, PKI certificate management, and professional services. In the majority of cases, RapidIdentity MFA supports existing smart card implementations.


Smart Card Benefits

  • Considered one of the most secure authentication methods
  • Can be used for authentication, encryption, and digital signing
  • Used for multiple purposes, such as access key, personal ID, or credit card
  • Can couple digital system access with physical building access for an all-in-one authentication solution

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