Continuous Access Certification

Reduce the burden of compliance regulations, while elevating internal security.

The reality is annual certification campaigns alone aren’t enough to address today’s increasingly strict regulatory controls and ever-evolving threats. Continuous access certification is a must. RapidIdentity’s continuous access certification improves security by ensuring entitlements are always up-to-date, while reducing the cost, complexity, and workload associated with remaining compliant. Plus, execute time-based, annual, and ad-hoc certification campaigns based on your organization’s needs.

Streamline Access Certifications

With thousands of entitlements and hundreds of systems, access certification audit campaigns can be complex, time-consuming, and error-prone. RapidIdentity streamlines the process by automating certification activities based on birthright entitlements and allowing IT to review smaller quantities of entitlements on an ongoing basis, rather than large volumes at once.

Go Beyond Compliance

Many regulatory standards require companies to audit access on an annual basis, but this creates a workload burden that inevitably leads to rubber-stamping—putting your organization at increased risk. RapidIdentity’s continuous access certification reduces this workload, while ensuring correct access in between certification campaigns.

Ensure the Right People Have the Right Access

Your organization needs to give the right people, the right access, at the right time, and for the right duration. But, this simply isn’t possible with annual certification campaigns alone. RapidIdentity uses time-based controls and approaches certification as a continuous activity, so entitlements are always up-to-date.

Enhance Security and Business Agility with Access Certification Features

Certification Delegation to System Owners

Automate certification activities based on the birthright entitlements associated with user roles and attributes. Plus, delegate exceptions to the relevant business system owners.

Time-Based Certifications

Add time-limits to entitlements as they are granted and certified and also automatically notify business system owners as entitlements approach their expiration dates.

Continuous Access Certifications

Execute periodic certification campaigns in hours—not weeks. Review a short list of entitlements set to expire during the campaign duration, instead of thousands at once.

Annual Certifications

Create annual certification campaigns by simply selecting a start date and duration until expiration. On the start date, the entitlement becomes visible in a user’s Request tab, and at the end of the campaign, access is automatically revoked.

Ad-Hoc Certifications

Initiate, execute, and monitor the progress of comprehensive, out-of-cycle certification campaigns. Whether they are required due to new system ownership, internal policy changes, or evolving compliance regulations—ad-hoc campaigns are simple with RapidIdentity.

Forced Expiration

Set entitlements to automatically be revoked at a specific time or date for a more granular and controlled approach than the traditional certification process.

Temporary Access Extensions

Help overloaded resource supervisors by extending entitlement deadlines by up to a week for both individuals or groups of users.

One-Time Access with Forced Revocation for Elevated Privileges

Grant one-time, time-boxed entitlements for elevated privileges and enable users to request elevated access via approval workflows that can be completely or partially automated.

Information Rich Entitlement Dashboards & Reporting

Make informed access approval and certification decisions and also easily generate reports that show requests, approvals, level of access authorized, and duration of access.

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