Password Management

Securely store and manage passwords for all users and systems.

Don’t let poor password management policies put your organization at risk or be a source of never-ending frustration for your users, IT staff, and help desk. RapidIdentity facilitates secure, centralized password management that allows you to implement your organization’s unique password policies across the enterprise. Easy-to-implement and cost-effective, Password Management is available as a stand-alone solution to augment existing technologies or as part of a larger RapidIdentity solution.


Improve Security and Reduce Risk

Secure your environment by invoking process controls and accountability around passwords. RapidIdentity delivers increased visibility and centralized control over password management by auditing all associated self-service, delegation, sync, and provisioning tasks for users, applications, and systems.

Reduce Help Desk Burden

Dramatically reduce help desk burden and realize soft cost savings by empowering your users to reset and manage their own passwords according to security policies you define. Plus, when a user’s RapidIdentity password is reset, it’s reset in every connected application, streamlining processes and ensuring single sign-on continuity.

Enhanced usability

Enhance Usability

Your employees require access to an ever-growing number of local systems and cloud-based applications—which means they’re juggling far too many usernames and passwords. With the RapidIdentity portal, users only have to remember one set of credentials, giving them one-click access to all the business apps they need, from any device.

Robust Password Management Features that Enhance Security and Usability

Self-Service Password Reset

Allow end-users to manage their own accounts, without the need for IT help desk support via end user self-service, and enable admins to execute bulk operations.

Password Policy Management

Implement and manage complex password policies that can be customized on a broad or individual level to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Delegated Password Management

Empower your organization by delegating the ability to change and reset passwords to support staff and other authorized users.

Account Unlocking

Determine how and when accounts are locked and unlocked with flexible account lockout policies.

Privileged Password Management & Control

Centrally secure, manage, and monitor privileged account access to stay compliant and protect critical data and systems.

Password Synchronization Across Multiple Systems

Enable a single password to be securely synced across multiple systems to reduce password fatigue and help desk calls.

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