Privileged Access Management

Secure Your Most Valuable Assets. Achieve Compliance.

With 80% of known breaches being the result of stolen privileged account credentials that have elevated security rights, it’s more critical than ever that you lock down your organization’s privileged user accounts with privileged access management solutions.

RapidIdentity Privileged Access Management (PAM) provides the capabilities and controls needed to mitigate the risks associated with privileged user accounts and also to secure external partner, vendor, and contractor access to your systems and data.

Reduce the Risk of a Breach

Prevent unauthorized access and lateral movement within your network and cloud systems with advanced security strategies. Protect privileged credentials from unauthorized use with techniques, such as least privilege, time-based expiration, fine-grained access controls, separation of duties, and user-friendly multi-factor authentication.

Increase Account Insights

Audit, record, and centrally monitor all access requests, approvals, revocations, and certifications—for both internal and external privileged users. Increase accountability by monitoring the activity of individuals with shared accounts, while deterring unauthorized behavior with proactive alerts.

Pass Audits & Simplify Compliance

Confidently address your organization’s identity audit needs by automating the enforcement of your privileged account policies. Effortlessly generate reports needed by auditors and get ahead of aggressive regulations by safeguarding privileged access with multi-factor authentication.

Achieve Security and Compliance with Powerful Privileged Access Management Features

Dynamic Workflows

Temporarily elevate standard accounts to privileged accounts quickly, easily, and without IT involvement via automated workflow requests. Create dynamic workflows based on the requester’s role, attributes, or currently held entitlements and grant broad to granular access based on the specific situation.

Assign Multiple Roles to One User

Create one account with multiple assigned roles based upon the user’s need, so users can have standard and admin roles linked to a single account. This eliminates the complexity and risk associated with one user having multiple accounts.

Secure Third-Party Access to Critical Systems

Provide remote administrators, outsourced IT, and third-party vendors with secure access to the servers and network equipment they manage—both on-premises and in the cloud—with context-aware, multi-factor authentication, VPN-less access, and a choice of deployment models.

Privileged Password Management

Conveniently configure RapidIdentity to automatically randomize, easily manage, and securely store passwords and keys for administrative, service, and application accounts.

Comprehensive Audit and Reporting Capabilities

Capture and audit all system and user action events across the entire identity lifecycle—from account creation to termination. Review user entitlements and activity for any given period with the RapidIdentity Portal Reporting and Dashboard modules.

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