SafeID Credential Monitoring

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RapidIdentity SafeID enables academic institutions to stay ahead of account takeovers and ransomware attacks by detecting and resetting compromised passwords— before criminals have a chance to use them. With SafeID, digital identity credentials are continuously monitored for passwords known to be compromised in previous breaches and automatically alerts your institution, enabling a user to be enrolled in a multi-factor authentication (MFA) policy until their password is safely changed and the threat is removed. Check here to see if you or your users may have already been compromised.

Best in Breed Protection

Protection via SpyCloud

RapidIdentity SafeID enables academic institutions to monitor multiple domains for exposed employee logins and PII. Each set of credentials is checked against SpyCloud’s proprietary repository, the world’s largest database of breach data, to identify and reset passwords that have been exposed.

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Shorten Your
Exposure Window

80% of account takeover losses occur early in the breach timeline. SpyCloud researchers infiltrate criminal communities to recover breach data early in the breach timeline, providing quicker notice that passwords have been exposed—often months or even years before a breach becomes public.

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Detect & Remediate
Compromised Passwords

RapidIdentity SafeID alerts security teams of vulnerable accounts for swift action to remediate. Whether that is to kill an active session, force a password reset, or enroll the user in MFA until their password is reset, institutions can take immediate action to minimize the risk.

Designed to Address the Unique Needs of Your Academic Institution

Account Takeover Prevention

Identify credential exposure up to 6-18 months before a data breach is made public and added to open-source databases.

Continuous Monitoring

Achieve constant data surveillance to prevent user account takeovers, with peace of mind that SpyCloud researchers collect an estimated one billion new breach assets per month.

Proactive Risk Notification

Provide IT instant notification as soon as an identity is deemed to be compromised due to their credentials being discovered in an external breach.

Easy Account Remediation

Mitigate the threat quickly with streamlined identification and remediation of exposed identities, which are automatically included in a reporting dashboard and delegated administration view.

Surgical Remediation

Evaluate the credentials used by a specific identity to understand and set appropriate remediation paths based on the actual risk, instead of implementing a blanket blacklist.

NIST Password Alignment

Align with NIST password standards by checking both new and existing passwords against billions of previously-exposed passwords.

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