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Our two-course RapidIdentity training curriculum is ideal for our customers and partners who wish to use RapidIdentity to solve more complex identity, data, and access management challenges. Together, our Foundations and Advanced training courses deliver a hands-on approach to learning that gives you a more in-depth understanding of our RapidIdentity software and gives you the tools necessary for a full identity lifecycle implementation.

Foundations Course

Start with the Fundamentals.

Installing, configuring, and managing RapidIdentity software is simple once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. RapidIdentity Foundations introduces the key administration, configuration, and management functions of RapidIdentity and its core components. Learn the skills necessary to manage and support key components of an IAM implementation using RapidIdentity.

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Advanced Course

Gain In-Depth Knowledge & Insights.

The RapidIdentity Advanced Training Course builds on the learning developed in the Foundations course with more in-depth, technical discussion and hands-on lab exercises. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the skills necessary to participate in a full identity lifecycle implementation using RapidIdentity for your organization or customers.

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