Partner with Identity Automation and offer your customers RapidIdentity, the system that covers the broadest number of use cases, deploys in just weeks, and provides the fastest time to value of any IAM system. Coupled with a very generous partner program, Identity Automation is the right partner for companies that are selling identity management systems and adjacent technologies.

Join the Referral Partner Program

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Referral partner levels and benefits

Revenue Amount$0-100k$100-500k$500k-1.5m$1.5m and more
Completed sales courseYesYesYesYes
Commission percentage*Up to 15%Up to 17%Up to 20%Up to 25%
Bonus commission in target markets5%5%5%5%
Up-to-date sales materialsYesYesYesYes
Access to online deal registration toolYesYesYesYes
Access to co-marketing resources-YesYesYes
Access to Beta releases--YesYes
Participate in roadmap discussions--YesYes
Regional partner representative--Yes-
Dedicated partner representative---Yes

* Commissions vary based on partner participation in the sales process. Active leadership in the sales process results in higher commissions; see the partner agreement for more information.

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