Seamless Simplicity Results in Ultimate Security

Securely streamline all identity and access management with advanced, user-friendly RapidIdentity software from Identity Automation.

Free up your IT resources and boost productivity across the board with secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access to nearly any system, multi-factor authentication across all applications, and massive scalability for millions of users.

Single Sign-On

Boost productivity with single sign-on (SSO) access to every on-premises or cloud-based system. An easy-to-use online portal grants employees one-click access to any connected system.

Time-Based Access Expiration

Enforce security without being dependent on periodic or manual recertification campaigns. Access is granted for only as long as it’s needed, and only renewed when necessary.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance security with multi-factor authentication across all applications. Eliminate the hassle of having to maintain a separate and dedicated token system.

Comprehensive Identity Governance & Compliance

Grant your IT department and managers clear insight into which employees have what access, and ensure security through time-based certification, sponsorship, and re-attestation.

External User Support

Enjoy unparalleled support for external users — who don’t exist in local directories or other systems of record — throughout the entire identity administration and governance lifecycles.

End-User Self-Service

Allow end-users to manage their own accounts and set and reset passwords according to unique organizational policies, without the need for IT help desk support.


Massive Scalability
RapidIdentity deployments are highly scalable, with proven support for 1,000 to 10 million users.


Robust, Built-in Logic Engine
The heart of RapidIdentity is its built-in Logic Engine toolkit, which enables IT to configure new connections to virtually any application through a point-and-click interface. No developers required.


On-Premises or in the Cloud
RapidIdentity is available on-premises or in the cloud as a managed service, with no sacrifices in functionality, features, or security.

Empower People in
Every Role

From employees and managers, to partners and vendors, to IT, our user-focused solutions are designed to simply and securely upgrade their abilities, facilitating access to everything they need and allowing organizations to move with speed and agility.

Automated Provisioning
and Monitoring

It’s never been easier to create, manage, and revoke identities enterprise-wide. RapidIdentity ensures that every one of your users gets immediate, secure access to the resources you decide they need. Provisioning, de-provisioning and real-time updates in access privileges happen automatically and securely, driven by changes in your seamlessly connected systems.

Security on Any Device at Any Location

Finally get peace of mind if you rely on contractors, vendors, or outside partners of any type who require access to sensitive applications and data on their own devices, no matter where they need to get their work done.

RapidIdentity Education Editions

Designed for the unique needs of educators, RapidIdentity Education Editions provide sophisticated identity services for administrative staff, faculty, students, and others. Schools are under increasing pressure to provide online services for their entire communities, securely and privately. With solutions that specifically address the needs of K-12 as well as Higher Education, RapidIdentity Education Editions can help your school district or university do it all.

Get started.

It’s our mission to make businesses more secure and employees as productive as possible. RapidIdentity is affordable, easy to implement and even easier to learn how to use.