Easily Implement the Rules, Policies, and Procedures of YOUR Business.

Comprehensive identity governance ensures proper identity and access controls are maintained and updated as your business processes, data classifications, and personnel change.

Rapididentity’s policy-driven configurations allow your organization to easily implement current business rules, policies, and procedures. So, there’s no need to change existing business processes.



Maintain Defined Business and Security Processes

Each component of RapidIdentity is driven by policy configurations. Implementing your current business rules is typically as simple as completing a form and making check box selections.


Consistently Enforce Policy Configurations Across the Enterprise

All configurations are centrally implemented and managed in one tool with RapidIdentity, ensuring they are consistently enforced across the entire enterprise. This consistent implementation of your policies enables effective compliance auditing later.


Free Up Staff Resources By Automating Tedious Tasks

Once policies have been defined per your current governance rules, their enforcement and management is automated. This frees up tedious tasks, so IT staff can focus on core business functions.


Easily Implement and Enforce Your Organization’s Identity Governance Needs with RapidIdentity:

Automated Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Define and automate policies based on your organization’s established procedures and processes for user and data provisioning, synchronization, and access control. 


RBAC and ABAC Access Controls

Configure Role-Based and Attribute-Based Access Controls to manage applications, authentication methods, file and folder access, password complexity, account claim policies, and more.


Time and Role-Based Access Controls

Allow or deny access to RapidIdentity applications based on time- and date-specific conditions or the location of the user accessing RapidIdentity.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Supplement or replace standard password policies with multi-factor authentication policies assigned to users via attribute-based LDAP filters.


Out of the Box Audit Reporting

Always be prepared to demonstrate compliance with comprehensive reporting capabilities. Provide a complete audit trail and generate ad-hoc reports with RapidIdentity.