Boost productivity with Single Sign-on

RapidIdentity’s Single Sign-on (SSO) allows organizations to increase security, improve end-user experience, and dramatically reduce help desk costs.

Today’s workers access an ever-growing number of local and SaaS systems and applications, and juggle far too many unique usernames and passwords. IT, in turn, wastes time supporting, resetting, and managing these accounts. Worse, when faced with a challenge, workers often fall back on weaker passwords that are easier to remember. In a system that’s only as strong as its weakest link, that link is sometimes as weak as “1234.”

With single sign-on, organizations get:

  • An easy-to-use online portal that grants employees one-click access to any connected system
  • Improved security through secure password requirements
  • Reduced help desk costs from the limited need for password resets
  • Built-in single sign-on connector for access to thousands of SAML-enabled SaaS applications
  • Centralized visibility and control into how applications are being accessed and used