Complete Identity and Access Management for Retailers

More than ever, retailers require advanced identity and access management (IAM), so they can manage large volumes of geographically dispersed employees, contractors, seasonal workers, and customers. To further complicate matters, retail workers frequently turnover or move between stores that rarely have onsite IT staff.

RapidIdentity is a complete IAM solution, tailored to overcome the identity challenges and back office needs of modern retailers.


Addressing Retail’s Identity and Access Management Challenges


Managing Identities at Scale

Effectively managing massive, scattered workforces and thousands of devices can seem like an impossible task, especially with large waves of seasonal hires and employee churn. RapidIdentity automates lifecycle management of ALL users, from cradle to grave, with proven support for millions of users.


Reliance On Contractors & Seasonal Workers

Get unparalleled support for external users who need access to your systems and data. RapidIdentity’s Sponsorship feature delivers the same level of identity lifecycle management for external users as full-time employees.


Maintaining Compliance

Ensure your compliance with regulations, like PCI-DSS by consistently applying and enforcing security policies and permissions. RapidIdentity’s comprehensive access controls provide clear insight into your compliance state, while allowing you to easily adapt to compliance changes.


The Need for Swift On-Boarding

Onboarding large volumes of new hires and quickly provisioning them with access is critical to their productivity. So, give employees secure, zero-day access to necessary systems and applications with RapidIdentity.


Securely Managing Customer Identities in an Omnichannel World

In today’s omnichannel world, your customers want—and also expect—to engage with you through a variety of means. RapidIdentity extends beyond identity management for your employees, so you can manage customer identities in online portals and other web properties.


RapidIdentity: Identity and Access Management for Retail

Our unified platform, RapidIdentity is specifically designed for large retailers with multiple storefront and online locations. RapidIdentity centralizes identity management and controls access to critical resources for all users, including corporate employees, store workers, partners, supply chain vendors, and customers.

Plus, RapidIdentity connects into existing proprietary and legacy systems, as well as any cloud-based application, so you increase business agility—without compromise.


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