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True IAM for Education

Not all identity and access management (IAM) platforms are equal. Most aren’t built for education, and most that claim to be for education ecosystems aren’t comprehensive enough to cover all of your needs. RapidIdentity from Identity Automation is different. It is THE digital identity platform that is built for education to handle all of your IAM needs, from classroom portal to rostering to authentication for ALL users. 


Threat Detection and Response

Identity is the core of threat detection and response. RapidIdentity can expand upon your IAM investments with Security Manager to help your institution increase threat visibility and reduce time to respond so that user accounts are as safe as possible without disrupting the learning environment.


Frictionless Security for the Classroom

Student outcomes cannot be sacrificed for the sake of security online. That’s why districts need an IAM platform that is built specifically for digital learning ecosystems. That’s RapidIdentity. Not only does RapidIdentiy include all of the core IAM capabilities IT teams need. It also comes with the single sign-on, portal and rostering to keep the learning experience free from interruptions. 


Threats controlled, learning unleashed

The focus should be on today’s lesson, not today’s cybersecurity threats. Rely on Identity Automation’s education-centric protection from malicious actors.


We are security-first so that you can put students first.

At Identity Automation, people aren’t just numbers in a system. Digital learning ecosystems must have the ability to master identity data so that the online resources students use are easily accessible, high-secure, and highly available. Identity data master is key to ensuring student data privacy, protecting accounts from malicious actors, and caring for the unique nature of education identities.


Scalability with high availability.

RapidIdentity has a proven track record of managing identities at massive scale, including at a country level (Norway), a U.S. state level (North Carolina), and entire college systems (Virginia Community College System). RapidIdentity regularly achieves availability rates of higher than 99.99% while serving millions of students and educators every day.


Custom fit your environment.

Most IAM platforms are built to connect into a standardized set of applications, and often, institutions need more than that. As a result, IT teams are left to clean up the remaining applications that aren’t supported by standard connections. Only RapidIdentiy allows your institution to connect to any core system or application in your digital learning environment. Regardless of which classroom portal and rostering solution, student information system, or HR system you use, RapidIdentity can integrate with them all—which allows you to extend the life of the solutions you already have in place.

Who We Support

Our solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, Identity Automation offers identity and access management solutions that meet specific industry needs.

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Dallas ISD Case Study

Dallas ISD is on a mission to become the best urban school district in the country. The district’s existing IAM system became difficult to maintain and keep secure. In turn, the district needed a system that offered simplicity, standardization, and security. 

Industry: K-12

Solutions: Lifecycle Management, Authentication

Lifecycle Management to automate the full identity lifecycle of their users and empower teachers with delegated administration.

Authentication to offer seamless, one-click access to all resources with single sign-on (SSO) as well as an added layer of security with multi-factor authentication (MFA). 

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Saint Luke’s Health System

Saint Luke’s Health System provides primary, acute, tertiary, and chronic care across the Kansas City region. Saint Luke’s needed a badge access system that streamlined clinician workflows and was compatible with their existing single sign-on (SSO) solution. 

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: ExactAccess

Used ExactAccess to automate and streamline identity lifecycle management for all users.

Healthcare Single Sign-On Healthcare Identity Automation
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