Customer Testimonials

Brenda Buckalew, Sr Director of Technology

When we did a review of ARMS/DSS, we were impressed with the flexibility of the system, the speed of implementation, the easy to use ⇒

Harold Rowe, Associate Superintendent

CFISD has partnered with Identity Automation for the development and implementation of the district’s identity infrastructure as well ⇒

Alex G, CIO

Identity Automation was instrumental in helping our organization implement a “best practice” approach to managing our data.  Using ⇒

Company Blog

Automating Access Controls
by James Litton

Identity Lifecycle Management is a function that occurs in all organizations but is usually a manual process at best.  Many ⇒

User Account Naming Conventions
by Troy Moreland

In every identity project the topic of user account naming conventions comes up.  We have seen just about every convention possible.  ⇒

Password Self Service in a Down Economy
by James Litton

We have all heard the stories about businesses struggling to stay viable as we deal with the current economic slump. A topic that has ⇒

News & Events

We’ve Moved
June 28, 2014 by Identity Automation

Please note that Identity Automation has moved.

Our new address is:

8833 N Sam Houston Pkwy W
Houston, Texas 77064

Identity and access management for 10 million users? No sweat!
May 16, 2014 by Identity Automation

What do you do when you are asked to build an identity and access management (IAM) system that can handle up to 10 million individual ⇒

Version 3.1 Product Release
April 9, 2014 by Identity Automation

We are excited to announce the release of ARMS and DSS Version 3.1 on April 1st.  This release has several bug fixes as well as many ⇒