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About Identity Automation

About Us1

Our Commitment to Cybersecurity in Learning Institutions

Protecting the learning experience is at the core of Identity Automation’s mission. We believe that students, teachers and staff should be free from threats and disruptions. That’s why we developed an IAM platform and top-tier threat detection and response tools that improve higher ed and K-12 cybersecurity.

About Us2

We offer competitive compensation packages that value our employees. This includes unlimited PTO, paid holidays, employer-paid health, dental, and life insurance, and remote opportunities. We champion employee growth with professional development and promotional pathways.

Missional Focus

We’re among the fastest growing identity-focused software companies in the world. To promote cybersecurity in schools, our team culture values continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration. We share a passion for uplifting education and healthcare organizations as we support the mission of our clients.

About Us3


Tier-Levels and Requirements

Our VIP program is focused on promoting Identity Automation and the solutions that institutions need to stay secure. In turn, they receive greater benefits, larger discounts, and additional collaboration.

Technology Partner Program

Become a Technology Partner to receive joint marketing initiatives and free developer accounts to build and test integrations. Collaborate with our Identity Automation RapidIdentity Product Team to implement software and enhance the experience for mutual academic institutions.

Let’s Connect

We’ve got tailored solutions to strengthen cybersecurity in schools and health care. Contact our team to get started.