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Identity & Access Management Purpose-Built for Education 


Enterprise-Grade IAM Built for Education

We help education institutions protect themselves online while preserving the productivity of the learning process. Only Identity Automation offers a comprehensive and flexible IAM platform that is purpose-built for education. Our platform is built on two decades of IAM experience for K-12 and higher education, and we continue to build innovative cyberdefense capabilities to keep institutions safe. RapidIdentity provides more than just IAM, such as identity management and authentication, providing crucial threat detection and response capabilities to help your team do more with less. 


Why IA?

Secure. Reliable. Flexible.



At Identity Automation, people aren’t just numbers in a system. Digital learning ecosystems must have the ability to master identity data so that the online resources students use are easily accessible, high-secure, and highly available. Identity data mastery is key to ensuring student data privacy, protecting accounts from malicious actors, and caring for the unique nature of education identities.



RapidIdentity has a proven track record of managing identities at massive scale, including at a country level (Norway), a U.S. state level (North Carolina), and entire college systems (Virginia Community College System). RapidIdentity regularly achieves availability rates of higher than 99.99% while serving millions of students and educators every day.



Most IAM platforms are built to connect into a standardized set of applications, and often, institutions need more than that. As a result, IT teams are left to clean up the remaining applications that aren’t supported by standard connections offered by the other guys. Only RapidIdentiy allows your institutions to connect to any core system or application in your digital learning environment.

How to make districtwide MFA a reality

Education is a frequent target for ransomware attacks, resulting in skyrocketing cybersecurity insurance premiums (as much as 300%!) and a higher bar for coverage that often includes MFA mandates.

Watch this session to learn how to proactively identify which of your users are at risk, enhance security with flexible MFA, and implement best practices to comply with cyber insurance provider mandates.

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Cherokee County School District Case Study

Cherokee County School District is a public school system in the Atlanta area serving 42,000 PK-12 students and 6,000 employees with 40 schools and centers. The district needed a robust identity access management (IAM) system that could meet the needs of its diverse population.

Industry: Pre-K-12

Solutions: RapidIdentity Cloud Lifecycle Management, Authentication, Workflow

RapidIdentity Lifecycle Management to automate and streamline identity lifecycle management for all users, including students, teachers, staff, and vendors.

RapidIdentity Authentication for frictionless one-click access to all instructional and non-instructional resources through a single sign-on (SSO) Portal protected by an extra security level using multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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