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Enterprise-Grade Identity Solutions for Colleges and Universities

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Designed for Higher Education

RapidIdentity, our identity and access management platform, is purpose-built for educational institutions. Our higher education identity and access management solutions address the unique challenges faced by colleges and universities, such as affiliations scenarios. In turn, they help faculty and students thrive—and enable your institution to excel at its mission.

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Higher Education Solutions

Personalized IAM Software for Higher Education


Identity Lifecycle Management

Save your IT staff time to focus on long-term initiatives. With automated identity management for higher education, they can manage identities without time-consuming, manual processes.

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Identity Data Management

Share access to your institution’s data with relevant agencies securely and easily. Our identity management for higher education utilizes single, linked universal identities for several attributes.

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Authentication & Assurance

Secure your network with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication from RapidIdentity. Our higher education identity and access management solutions offer several authentication options.

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Access Governance

New students, faculty and staff are on- and off-boarded each year. Visiting students and visiting professors need access as soon as they arrive. Automate the process to get people the access they need instantly with access controls from RapidIdentity.

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How to choose your higher ed IAM software

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Duquesne University Case Study

Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, needed a higher education identity and access management solution to manage user attributes, external access, and more.

Industry: Higher Education

Solutions: Identity Lifecycle Management, Access Governance, Authentication & Assurance, and Identity Data Management.

Identity Lifecycle Management for a customized solution to oversee user accounts.

Access Governance to automate the permissions process and save the IT department time.

Authentication & Assurance for temporary accounts, external users, students, and faculty.

Identity Data Management to offer self-service password management options for users.

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