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True IAM Designed for K-12 Districts

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Comprehensive Identity & Access Management

Districts face a nearly impossible challenge of simultaneously leveraging technology to drive student outcomes while ramping up protection from cyberthreats and increasing demands on resourcing. RapidIdentity provides the identity-centric automation and cyberdefense capabilities districts need to rise to the challenge. RapidIdentity is the most powerful identity and access management (IAM) solution that is tailored for learning institutions. Its robust capabilities—such as child-friendly logins and intelligent automation—keep all users safe online, while preserving the learning experience.

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The Most Flexible Identity Management Platform in K-12


Identity Lifecycle Management

Automates account creation, changes, and deletion at scale with build-in intelligence that allows you to tailor policies for your district. RapidIdentity IAM capabilities save time and help IT teams scale to be more responsive to their users.

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Authentication & Assurance

RapidIdentity IAM streamlines user access with role-based single sign-on (SSO) portals that tailor the experience each user group needs to be as productive as possible. Add extra protection with multi-factor authentication methods that include one-time passwords, QR codes, pictographs, FIDO keys, and more. 

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Phishing Protection

Safeguard your students, teachers and staff from rising phishing attacks. With RapidIdentity PhishID, powered by PIXM, you can stop ransomware and account takeovers while also preventing student data harvesting. Join the Phishing Protection Program to project staff accounts from spear phishing attacks at no cost to the district.

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Effortlessly syncs the class roster data with target applications, giving students immediate access to class resources and ensuring a richer curriculum delivery. By providing a granular level of control, you can specify which data elements are shared with third-party applications, protecting PPI and reducing your academic institution’s liability. Oversee third-party access with a granular level of control, allowing you to specify which data elements are shared—protecting PPI and minimizing your district’s liability.

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Evaluate Your District’s Readiness for Digital Transformation

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Cherokee County School District Case Study

Cherokee County School District is a public school system in the Atlanta area serving 42,000 PK-12 students and 6,000 employees with 40 schools and centers. The district needed a robust identity access management (IAM) system that could meet the needs of its diverse population.

Industry: Pre-K-12

Solutions: RapidIdentity Cloud Lifecycle Management, Authentication, Workflow

RapidIdentity Lifecycle Management to automate and streamline identity lifecycle management for all users, including students, teachers, staff, and vendors.

RapidIdentity Authentication for frictionless one-click access to all instructional and non-instructional resources through a single sign-on (SSO) Portal protected by an extra security level using multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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We’re Here to Help

We made RapidIdentity for schools like yours. Contact the Identity Automation team to strengthen your K-12 district’s cybersecurity posture.