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Access Governance

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Policy-Driven Configurations

Easily maintain and enforce your current policies with our access governance solution, RapidIdentity Governance—even as processes, data classifications, and personnel change.

Pre-Audit Compliance

Prepare now for compliance auditing later with robust identity and access governance. Our single-tool, centrally-implemented configurations ensure consistent enforcement of policies.

Time-Saving Automation

Eliminate tedious tasks with automated enforcement and management of your policies. With the right access governance solution, your IT department can focus on more important functions.

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Ensure Proper Controls with RapidIdentity Governance

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Why all accounts should be privileged

Privileged accounts are traditionally defined as being IT-based with special Active Directory attributes. However, this definition isn’t adequate for today’s cybersecurity threats. “Privileged” today must encompass any account with access to monetizable data or that can cause reputation damage.

If you don’t broaden your view of privileged access, you're putting your organization in danger. Download our eBook to learn more about safeguarding your data through privileged access. 

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Austin ISD Case Study

Austin Independent School District in Texas needed a solution that fit into their long-term vision for their digital ecosystem—including access governance for internal and external users.

Industry: K-12

Solutions: Governance, Lifecycle, Authentication

RapidIdentity Governance to manage district identity and access control policies and ensure consistent, district-wide enforcement using policy-driven configurations that wouldn’t require changes to Austin ISD’s existing processes.

RapidIdentity Lifecycle to automate the full identity lifecycle of all users including students, teachers, staff, parents, subs, contractors, and consultants district-wide.

RapidIdentity Authentication to deliver seamless, one-click user access to applications via single sign-on (SSO) for staff, while protecting all entry points with multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods that simplify authentication for students and teachers.

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Choose an access governance platform purpose-built for education. To schedule a demo, reach out to the Identity Automation team today.