The Leader in Identity Management for K-12 Educators

With over ten years of focused experience, hundreds of K-12 installations, and over 10 million students, parents, and staff using RapidIdentity, Identity Automation is the undisputed leader in Identity and Access Management for educators.

Today more than ever, educators require advanced technology to succeed in their growingly complex missions. America’s school districts are under tremendous pressure to increase student performance under state and federal mandate, and parents increasingly expect to be deeply involved in the student experience.

Many districts are modernizing their classrooms and curricula. Textbooks and chalkboards are passé; web-based education apps and student computers are the future. As more learning occurs online, ensuring student data privacy becomes an increasingly critical mission. All of this is happening at a time of tight budget constraints, with school administrators looking for ways to accomplish more with less.

We know the unique challenges K-12 schools and school districts face better than anyone, and we’ve built the software that best equips educators to succeed.

RapidIdentity K-12 Edition

Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity Education edition is an identity and access management platform specifically designed for K-12 educators. This powerful, easy-to-use software enables school administrators to simply and securely manage access for students, parents, teachers and staff throughout the entire academic lifecycle.

  • Quickly and securely deploy cloud-based systems such as Google Apps and Office 365 to the entire school population, including administrators, faculty, and students.
  • Easily scale to meet your specific needs, whether school-wide, district-wide, or state-wide.
  • Provide guardian access to lunch, transportation, and other school systems.
  • Drive user account management seamlessly from your current HR, Student Information, and Financial systems.
  • Quickly configure pre-built connectors for the most popular education applications — no developers required.
  • Ensure student data privacy by consolidating system access and control.
  • Access our extensive knowledge base, both for training purposes and also to learn best practices in identity management for education.
  • Leverage our Professional Services team, which has extensive experience deploying identity management systems in hundreds of schools.

Read the RapidIdentity datasheet to learn more or request a live demo to see RapidIdentity in action.