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Digital tools and dynamic content are transforming how students learn—leading to an explosion of systems and thousands user accounts that must be managed by your already stretched IT staff. And, all of this is happening at a time of flat or shrinking budgets.

RapidIdentity is a powerful identity and access management (IAM) solution, specifically designed for school districts looking to do more with less. With over ten years experience and hundreds of K-12 installations, we’ve helped districts of all sizes address their IAM challenges.


Overcome the Obstacles to Enabling the Digital Classroom


Automating Account Lifecycle Management for All Users

Creating and supporting thousands of student, teacher, staff, and even parent user accounts isn’t practical or manageable with scripts and manual processes. RapidIdentity automates account creation, changes, and deletion—at scale, while seamlessly enabling you to keep Active Directory and downstream systems accurate.


Accelerating the Use of New Apps and Technologies

Ensuring students and teachers have access to the latest online resources, digital content, and 1:1 programs is crucial to creating a productive learning environment. RapidIdentity enables you to quickly adopt new digital technologies, while streamlining access with automated provisioning and secure, single sign-on to virtually any web-based application.


Providing an Enhanced User Experience with Single Sign-On

More applications means more usernames and passwords for students to remember—and thus, more time IT must spend resetting them. RapidIdentity delivers greater efficiency and ease of access with one-click access to learning tools via a web-based single sign-on portal and self-service password and teacher delegated reset functionality.


Complying With Federal and State Student Data Privacy Laws

At Identity Automation, we work with each customer to ensure proper compliance with COPPA and FERPA regulations both during the initial deployment and over time as your IAM needs change. We have also signed the Student Privacy Pledge.


Sharing Student Roster Data with eTextbook & LMS Vendors

Integrating and updating LMS, digital textbooks, and library systems with student information systems can be incredibly time-consuming and also error-prone. Our RapidIdentity Roster solution completely automates this process. As a result, students have access to class resources, and your district has an accurate accounting of textbook licenses.


Implementing Kid-Friendly Authentication

Often, younger users struggle with the requirements of traditional username/password authentication. To address this challenge, Identity Automation offers kid-friendly QR code and Pictograph authentication methods. So, you can simplify authentication, without sacrificing security.


RapidIdentity: Identity and Access Management for Education

RapidIdentity automates and streamlines the identity and access management of students, teachers, and parents throughout their entire academic lifecycle. Thus, your IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives, not tedious tasks.

Empower students and teachers to manage their own password resets, while providing secure, single sign-on access to students’ educational applications. Plus, RapidIdentity’s pre-built connectors enable you to integrate virtually any app, without custom development.

Identity Automation is a trusted partner to school districts of all sizes. RapidIdentity easily scales up to 10 million users—helping districts overcome their IAM challenges, while enabling digital learning—all without increasing staff resources.


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