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Identity Automation makes it easier to address security threats with the most complete and scalable identity and access management (IAM) software on the market today.

Solve All Your Identity Challenges

Upgrading Your Identity Solution

Upgrading Your Identity Solution
Moving to a modern IAM platform doesn’t have to be a painful process. RapidIdentity deploys quickly and frees up time and manpower.

Picking the Right Authentication Methods

Choosing Authentication Methods
Strike a balance between security and user experience with authentication methods that fit your organization’s unique needs.

Connecting to All Apps

Connecting to All Apps
Overcomes the challenges of integrating new applications and provide your users with secure, single sign-on access to all applications.


The Most Powerfully Complete IAM Platform Available

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From identity governance to access management, our RapidIdentity solution offers all the capabilities you need to embrace security and empower your business.

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It’s our mission to make businesses more agile and employees as productive as possible. RapidIdentity is affordable, easy to implement and even easier to learn how to use.

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