Empower Your Learning Institution with the Right Identity Solution

Identity Automation offers students and educators everywhere a powerful identity and access management portfolio. Because our identity and access management products were designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, our RapidIdentity platform can meet the needs of your institution, regardless of size and specialization. Learn more about RapidIdentity use cases in education.

Empowering Students and Educators with the Tools They Need

K-12 Education

Digital tools and dynamic content are transforming how students learn—leading to an explosion of systems and thousands of user accounts that must be managed by your already stretched IT staff.

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Higher Education

With complex, ever-changing populations, non-hierarchical structures, dynamic partnerships, and overlapping roles and identity sources, colleges and universities face challenges that standard identity management solutions simply can’t address.

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Streamlined Access Means Better Patient Outcomes


The rapid transition to electronic medical records and online patient portals has created new challenges in healthcare. Enable medical personnel to effectively perform their roles, while ensuring patient data isn’t compromised.

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Let’s Make the World of Education Better, Together

It’s our mission to empower educators and students everywhere with access to secure, agile, and constructive learning environments. Discover why RapidIdentity is the future.