Strong Authentication & Complete IAM—Tailored to Healthcare

The rapid transition of healthcare from paper-based to digital—where electronic medical records (EMRs) and online patient portals are the norm—has created new challenges in securing and managing access to personal health data. Medical personnel need efficient access to digital tools and records—without compromising patient data privacy or violating HIPAA and HITECH guidelines.

RapidIdentity is a complete IAM solution, designed with the flexibility to embrace this ever-changing environment, so medical personnel can effectively perform their roles, while ensuring patient data isn’t compromised.

Overcome Healthcare's Evolving Challenges

Protecting patient data

Protecting Patient Data Privacy

Complying with compliance guidelines, like HIPAA and HITECH, can be a challenge without a solid identity platform. Failure to comply can result in multi-million dollar fines. RapidIdentity safeguards patient information and helps ensure regulatory compliance with capabilities such as, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, privileged access management workflows, continuous access certification campaigns, multifactor authentication (MFA), and robust audit and reporting functionality.

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The Shift to Electronic Medical Records

Healthcare professionals need immediate access to patient data and systems at all times. Allow physicians and staff to access their virtual desktops on shared workstations and other devices that move with them as they make their rounds. RapidIdentity replaces repetitive, manual logins with frictionless, passwordless authentication options, such as RFID cards and fingerprint biometrics.

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Balancing Security and Usability

Strong authentication, while necessary, can’t be at the expense of patient care. Efficient access to resources is critical, especially in emergency situations where speed saves lives. RapidIdentitty MFA is the industry’s most comprehensive authentication platform for rapid access to clinical information. Single sign-on with integrated MFA offers passwordless authentication methods that reduce time spent logging in, while adding layers of protection. On average the solution has been tested to save providers over 20 minutes per day!

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The Need for Enhanced Clinical Workflows

Healthcare IT staff are tasked with putting the infrastructure in place to enable the shift to digital resources, while ensuring patient data isn’t compromised. This is happening at a time of tight budget constraints where you must accomplish more with less. Eliminate manual processes with cradle-to-grave automated identity lifecycle management and role- and attribute-based provisioning that ensure strong governance and control over who has access to what in your environment.

RapidIdentity for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations ranging from 100 to 100,000 users in over 20 countries around the globe rely on RapidIdentity everyday to provide better patient care, accelerate the move to digital records, maintain compliance, and enhance security. RapidIdentity with integrated MFA enhances clinical workflows by reducing the amount of time spent logging into systems and applications and managing passwords. In an age where healthcare IT workers are being pulled in opposing directions, RapidIdentity delivers the perfect blend of convenience, security, and value.

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