Solutions Designed for Healthcare’s Unique Needs

Healthcare’s rapid transition to digital—where electronic medical records and online patient portals are the norm—has created new challenges in securing access to personal health data and clinical applications. This, combined with evolving compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, is driving a need for technologies that strengthen security, while enabling clinicians to readily access patient information and applications.

Identity Automation helps healthcare organizations meet these demands with our comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, RapidIdentity. RapidIdentity’s award-winning clinical workflow solutions give providers the tools they need to streamline access, increase clinician efficiency, and protect patient privacy.

Overcome Healthcare's Evolving Challenges

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Enhanced Clinical Workflows

Healthcare professionals need immediate access to patient data and systems at all times. RapidIdentity increases clinician productivity with secure badge access to local and virtual desktops, single sign-on (SSO) that automates access to clinical workstations and individual applications, and EPCS that streamlines prescription workflows. RapidIdentity also supports mixed device environments—enabling clinicians to roam their sessions from room to room with ease.

RapidIdentity Offers Deep Connections into Epic

Meaningful Integrations into EMRs

Effective integration between software applications is essential in the healthcare industry and the battle towards complete interoperability. Identity Automation understands this essential need, which is why we make integration with other platforms a critical step when designing our solutions to deliver specialized support. RapidIdentity’s drag-and-drop design enables organizations to integrate Windows and web-based applications—without wizards or installers. RapidIdentity also supports Epic integration and connections into Cerner, MEDITECH, NextGen, and more.

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Lifecycle Management for All Users

Frequent staff position changes, a variable workforce, and users with multiple roles presents unique identity challenges. RapidIdentity Lifecycle automates provisioning, role changes where access must be adjusted, and the removal of identities across applications for all users, such as third-party vendors, partners, transfers, temps, and more.

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Protect Patient Data Privacy

Achieving HIPAA and HITECH compliance can be challenging without a complete identity solution. Failure to comply can result in multi-million dollar fines and reputation damage. RapidIdentity safeguards patient information and helps ensure regulatory compliance with capabilities, such as automated provisioning and deprovisioning, comprehensive identity governance, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and robust audit and reporting functionality.

Solutions for Healthcare

Organizations, ranging from entire health systems to individual clinics, rely on Identity Automation every day to provide their patients with a higher quality of care. In an age where healthcare IT workers are being pulled in opposing directions, our solutions deliver unmatched security, breadth of identity management capabilities, and ease of use. RapidIdentity gives healthcare providers the tools they need to streamline access and increase efficiency, while protecting patient privacy and meeting compliance needs.  

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We needed Identity Automation’s assistance for device access management. I am very happy with our Identity Automation solution. We have had no issues with updates. The vendor is a great partner. They help us with testing, communicate any issues, and they have very tight integration with Epic.

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