Solutions Designed for Healthcare’s Unique Needs

The rapid transition of healthcare from paper-based to digital—where electronic medical records (EMRs) and online patient portals are the norm—has created new challenges in securing and managing access to personal health data and clinical applications. Healthcare organizations need to achieve the balance of efficient access to digital tools and records while meeting HIPAA and HITECH compliance – without sacrificing organizational productivity.

RapidIdentity for Healthcare (formerly HealthCast), offers a complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) portfolio of innovative software solutions designed specifically for the healthcare industry, including RapidIdentity ExactAccess, our award-winning enterprise Single Sign-On solution (eSSO) solution that automates fast and secure access to patient information and clinical applications; and RapidIdentity QwickAccess, a secure proximity badge access solution that enables clinicians to access their local or virtual workstations with the simple tap of a proximity badge.

Overcome Healthcare's Evolving Challenges

Balance security and usability in healthcare with quick access to local and virtual dektops.

Frictionless Access in One Easy Step

Healthcare professionals need immediate access to patient data and systems at all times. RapidIdentity QwickAccess gives clinicians immediate access to local and virtual desktops with the tap of a proximity badge. Whether its access to local Windows or Linux based systems (Microsoft Windows, HP Thin Pro, Dell Wyse ThinOS, Chrome Devices), or virtual desktops (Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, VMWare View, Microsoft RDC), QwickAccess supports mixed device environments—enabling clinicians to roam their sessions from room to room with ease.

RapidIdentity Offers Deep Connections into Epic

Deep Connections Into Epic

Effective integration between software applications is essential in the healthcare industry and the battle towards complete interoperability. Identity Automation understands this essential need, which is why we make integration with other platforms a critical step when designing our solutions to deliver specialized support. RapidIdentity Automated Lifecycle Management, ExactAccess, and QwickAccess all support integrations with Epic. We also offer connections into Cerner, MEDITECH, and other clinical business and administrative applications used by healthcare.

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Enhanced Clinical Workflows

Utilizing the same proximity badge functionality as QwickAccess, ExactAccess provides secure access to patient information and clinical applications, delivered in a single platform. Clinicians quickly gain access to all the information they need, eliminating the need to manually login to multiple applications every day. By tapping their badge a second time, users can quickly lock their session for data privacy, strengthening security and HIPAA compliance. ExactAccess’ stateless architecture leverages the current organization’s infrastructure, supporting scalability and speed, while assisting IT personnel in avoiding a complex overhaul—allowing them to focus on other priorities.

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Protect Patient Data Privacy

Achieving HIPAA and HITECH compliance can be challenging without a complete identity solution. Failure to comply can result in multi-million dollar fines and reputation damage. RapidIdentity IAM safeguards patient information and helps ensure regulatory compliance with capabilities, such as automated provisioning and deprovisioning, comprehensive identity governance, privileged access management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and robust audit and reporting functionality.

Doctor leveraging IAM and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities for his patient

Balance Security and Usability

Fear of Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosures, data theft, and the hefty penalties associated with compliance regulations are driving healthcare’s need for technologies that strengthen security, without impacting clinicians’ ability to readily access patient information and applications. By leveraging our comprehensive IAM and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities and best-in-class eSSO solution, healthcare providers can manage diverse and variable workforce constituencies, while protecting sensitive data and resources.

Solutions for Healthcare

Thousands of healthcare organizations, ranging from entire health systems to individual clinics, rely on Identity Automation every day to provide their patients with a higher quality of care. In an age where healthcare IT workers are being pulled in opposing directions, our solutions deliver unmatched security, breadth of identity management capabilities, and ease of use. RapidIdentity for Healthcare (formerly HealthCast) gives healthcare providers the tools they need to streamline access and increase efficiency, while protecting patient privacy, and meeting compliance needs.  

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