Identity Management on a Higher Mission

Simplifying the Unique Identity Challenges of Higher Education

See Faculty and Students for Who They Truly Are

From students that are staff to faculty that are students—your users often have multiple roles or affiliations, which often results in data synchronization issues and increased password resets and support calls. RapidIdentity overcomes these challenges by detecting users with multiple affiliations and merging them into a single account.

Unlock the Power of Classroom Technology

Today’s college classrooms are enabled by a whole new generation of digital content, collaborative tools, and online file-sharing and management. We make sure every student and faculty member has proper access to everything they need to collaborate and learn from day one. Streamline, secure, and unlock the power of technology in the classroom with RapidIdentity’s automated provisioning and secure single sign-on capabilities.

The Complete Guide to Selecting an IAM Solution Designed for Higher Education

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Manage Students at Scale

Every year at colleges across the country, thousands of new students are on-boarded and off-boarded at once. Instead of managing this process with time-consuming, budget draining scripts and manual workarounds, let RapidIdentity automate the full user lifecycle, so your IT staff can focus on long-term IT initiatives that benefit the growth of your institution.

Provide Easy, Secure Access to External Users

More than ever, higher education is relying on adjunct professors, contractors, and external partners. This not only leaves your IT staff with the burden of manually providing these users with access, but the ensuing lack of visibility into these users’ actions leaves you vulnerable to security risks. RapidIdentity offers out-of-box sponsorship functionality and workflows specifically designed to manage external users, complete with time-based certification expiration that automates the deprovisioning process.

Give Visiting Students and Faculty A Warm Welcome

Visiting professors and students require network and facility access privileges when on your campus, but these last-minute ad-hoc requests eat up your IT staff’s time. With RapidIdentity, what once took days or even weeks can be done in a matter of minutes. IT simply delegates to staff the ability to request or instantly create accounts and automatically provision appropriate network and facilities access.

RapidIdentity for Higher Education

Address your identity and access management challenges, while providing a superior user experience for students and faculty with RapidIdentity for Higher Education. RapidIdentity enables colleges and universities to automate the full identity lifecycle of all users, enabling your IT team to streamline processes and reclaim hundreds of man-hours to spend on more worthwhile, strategic projects.

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Lone Star College System

Identity Automation enabled us to drive workload efficiencies and cost savings, while dramatically improving the experience for students and staff.

Link Alander Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer
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It’s our mission to empower educators and students everywhere with access to secure, agile, and constructive learning environments. Discover why RapidIdentity is the future.