Cybersecurity Tailored for K-12 Districts

The modern classroom is changing rapidly, but that shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of a child’s education. Students and staff can stay connected and safe online with RapidIdentity, a powerful identity and access management (IAM) solution designed for school districts looking to do more with less.

For over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of school districts address their IAM challenges and provide both teachers and students with the technology they need to succeed.

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The Most Flexible Identity Management Platform in K-12

Identity Lifecycle Management Built for the K-12 Environment

Creating and supporting thousands, if not tens of thousands, of student, teacher, staff, and even parent user accounts with scripts and manual processes is not practical or manageable—especially with high volume turnover and frequent changes. RapidIdentity automates and manages account creation, changes, and deletions—at scale and seamlessly in Active Directory and downstream applications.

Multi-Authentication (MFA) Methods Built for All K-12 Users

Add an extra layer of protection or even replace passwords altogether with multi-factor authentication that is tailored to the needs of each user. RapidIdentity Authentication supports a broad range of authentication methods, which allows you to choose the right methods for staff and students, regardless of age or ability. With RapidIdentity, staff and students are more productive, and everyone is safe and sound.

Ready for districtwide MFA but unsure where to start? See our K-12 IT MFA Guide!

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Reliable Phishing Prevention for Education

Today’s sophisticated phishing attacks have evolved well beyond email phishing. In fact, social media phishing now accounts for 51% of attacks—but are your users protected? Now, RapidIdentity PhishID, powered by PIXM, delivers a student-friendly, touchless anti-phishing solution that prevents credential phishing attacks in-browser, regardless of their origin. PhishID uses cutting-edge AI to detect credential phishing at the point-of-click, before a user falls victim, keeping your academic institution ahead of ransomware and account takeover attacks.

Create a Better Student Experience with Single Sign-On

The more usernames and passwords a student has, the more they inevitably get forgotten. That’s why RapidIdentity provides easy, one-click access to learning tools via a personalized, web-based single sign-on portal and self-service and teacher-delegated password reset functionality.

It’s hard enough for adults to remember passwords, let alone a six-year-old child. Now younger students can spend less time guessing passwords and more time learning with kid-friendly QR code and Pictograph authentication methods that simplify the authentication process, without sacrificing security.

Put Student Safety First

The well-being of your students is why we exist, and the protection of their data privacy is our first priority. We work with each school district to ensure proper compliance with COPPA and FERPA regulations both during the initial deployment and over time as your IAM needs change. We have also signed the Student Privacy Pledge.

Give Students Easy Access to the Resources They Need

Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity Rostering completely automates the process of integrating and synchronizing student roster data with your target applications, ensuring students have access to needed class resources and that your district has an accurate accounting of textbook licenses.

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RapidIdentity for K-12 Education

Embrace the digital classroom with confidence. RapidIdentity automates and streamlines identity and access management so teachers and IT staff can focus on making the educational experience more engaging, successful, and fun.

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East Side Union HSD

RapidIdentity has become the central hub for us. It connects everything from our teachers and students right down to our copiers and security cameras.

Randy Phelps CTO
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