Your Business Has Evolved. Why Hasn't Your IAM System?

Schools today face a number of challenges that legacy identity and access management (IAM) solutions simply weren’t designed to manage. Without the scalability and reliability that you need to support a growing number of users, a plethora of cloud-based applications, and a multitude of corporate data, your legacy IAM system is more than just a security risk—it’s draining your school’s time and money while preventing your company from growing.

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Is Your Legacy IAM Solution Doing More Harm Than Good?

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The Challenge

Pressure to Do More with Less

Your IT budgets and staffing have remained flat, but the workload hasn’t. Work smarter, not harder by implementing a modern IAM solution that automates time-consuming manual processes.

The Challenge

Increasingly Strict Regulatory Controls

Your legacy IAM solution lacks well-defined approval workflows and reporting, making the audit process a nightmare. Or perhaps, government regulations or industry guidelines have mandated multi-factor authentication.

The Challenge

A Shifting Workforce

Your legacy IAM system can’t automate the management of contractors, partners, and temporary workers. But, more and more, your business relies on external users who require secure access to your systems and data.

The Challenge

You Have a Franken-IAM

You’ve added custom development and point solutions to plug gaps in your IAM platform’s capabilities. But each “fix” decreases scalability, supportability, and security, making it more difficult to maintain your solution and the user identities it controls.

The Solution:


Making the move from a legacy system to a modern identity and access management solution doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, painful process. RapidIdentity, our powerful and complete IAM platform, was designed to deploy quickly, lower total cost of ownership of your IAM program, and free-up time and manpower.

See why there’s a better way with RapidIdentity.

Fast Deployment

RapidIdentity deploys in weeks to months, not years—even in complex environments with millions of users.

Easier to Manage

More out-of-the-box functionality lets you do more with less—without increasing staff. Streamline your processes without needing to modify your existing policies and workflows.

Reduced Infrastructure Footprint

Decrease or even completely eliminate your infrastructure footprint with RapidIdentity’s managed and cloud-based offerings.

Better Value

RapidIdentity offers extremely competitive license costs and reduced ongoing maintenance costs compared to legacy IAM solutions.

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