Embrace Security & Limit Risk with RapidIdentity

RapidIdentity is the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform available, giving organizations greater security, increased business agility, and lower costs of identity and access management. With RapidIdentity, organizations can transform identity and access management across all users—including employees, contractors, partners, and vendors. Improve productivity and collaboration by giving the right people, the right access, from anywhere—for the time needed.


Everything You Need in a Single IAM Platform

Automated Lifecycle Management

Automate and streamline the processes of provisioning, deprovisioning, account changes, and granting new access rights for all of your users, including employees, contractors, partners, vendors, and customers.

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Comprehensive Identity Governance

Provide your IT department and managers with clear insight into which employees have what access, and ensure security through time-based certification, sponsorship, and re-attestation.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance security with multi-factor authentication at the operating system and application level. RapidIdentity offers the broadest range of multi-factor authentication methods to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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Secure Single Sign-On

Boost productivity with secure single sign-on (SSO) access to every on-premises or cloud-based system. Grant employees one-click access to any connected system with RapidIdentity’s easy-to-use online portal.

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Password Management

Enable end-users to manage their own accounts and set and reset passwords according to your organization’s unique policies, without the need for IT help desk support.

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Access Controls

Control access to critical applications and systems at a granular level, so you can easily adapt to constantly changing security and compliance requirements.

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Privileged Access Management

Reduce the risk of security breaches and compliance violations by locking down your administrator accounts and reducing users with multiple accounts. Utilize time-based accounts and automated workflows to request and grant admin access.

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Continuous Access Certification

Elevate security and reduce the burden of compliance regulations. Ensure the correct access between certification campaigns using time-based controls that approach certification as a continuous activity.

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The Most Powerfully Complete Identity Management Platform Available

RapidIdentity was built to address all of your organization’s governance, risk, and compliance needs. No other solution offers such a complete range of Administration, Authentication, Authorization, and Audit capabilities.




Fully automate user account creation, management, and self-service. Provision and deprovision access to all applications, for all users.


Confidently verify the identities of all users—at all digital and physical access points—with the right level and type of authentication.


Implement granular user access to systems and applications. Automate delegated controls for time-based access requests and approvals.


Prove compliance with intuitive dashboards and reports on every user’s privileges, access requests, and system activity.

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RapidIdentity Deployment Options

Full-Featured IAM for Any Environment

RapidIdentity is available on-premises or in the cloud as a managed service, with no sacrifices in functionality, features, or security. Regardless of the deployment model, RapidIdentity helps your business securely provide systems access to internal and external users through SSO and multi-factor authentication, lock down privileged accounts, and automate identity management and compliance processes.

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It’s our mission to make businesses more secure and employees as productive as possible. RapidIdentity is affordable, easy to implement and even easier to learn how to use.

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