Keep Everyone Safe and Sound with RapidIdentity

Our RapidIdentity Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform provides learning institutions with greater security, increased flexibility, and lower costs of identity and access management. With RapidIdentity, you can transform identity and access management across all users—including students, teachers, and staff. Improve and streamline the learning process by giving the right people, the right access, from anywhere—for the time needed.

Everything You Need in a Single IAM Platform

Automated Lifecycle Management

Automate and streamline provisioning, deprovisioning, account changes, and granting new access rights.

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Comprehensive Identity Governance

Easily manage and enforce the static, dynamic, and risk-based policies of your business.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

RapidIdentity offers the broadest range of multi-factor authentication methods to meet your organization’s needs.

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Secure Single Sign-On

Boost productivity with secure single sign-on (SSO) access to every on-premises or cloud-based system.

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PhishID Anti-Phishing Software

Stop phishing in real-time, regardless of a threat’s origin. Detect credential phishing and alert users at the point-of-click, before they fall victim.

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SafeID Credential Monitoring

Stay ahead of account takeovers and ransomware attacks by detecting and resetting compromised passwords— before criminals have a chance to use them.

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RapidIdentity Rostering

School districts can effortlessly integrate and synchronize their student roster data with target applications, giving students immediate access to class curriculum.

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Let’s Make the World of Education Better, Together

It’s our mission to empower educators and students everywhere with access to secure, agile, and constructive learning environments. Discover why RapidIdentity is the future.