Identity Governance

Easily Manage and Enforce the Static, Dynamic, and Risk-Based Policies of Your Business.

Streamlined identity governance ensures proper identity and access controls are maintained and updated as your business processes, data classifications, and personnel change. With RapidIdentity Governance, organizations can easily manage and enforce current business policies with policy-driven configurations. So, there’s no need to change existing business processes.

RapidIdentity Governance gives IT, auditors, and managers clear insight into which employees have what access and helps ensure security through campaign- and time-based certification, sponsorship, and re-attestation.

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Maintain Defined Business and Security Processes

Each component of RapidIdentity Governance is driven by policy configurations. Implementing your current business rules is typically as simple as completing a form and making check box selections—unlike other solutions where identity governance equals custom coding.

Consistently Enforce Policy Configurations Across the Enterprise

All configurations are centrally implemented and managed in one tool, ensuring they are consistently enforced across the entire enterprise. This consistent implementation of your policies enables effective compliance auditing later.

Free Up Staff Resources By Automating Tedious Tasks

Once policies have been defined per your current governance rules, their enforcement and management is automated, eliminating tedious tasks and allowing IT staff to focus on core business functions.

Easily Implement and Enforce Your Organization’s Identity Governance Needs

Access Management

Enforce least privilege access, while ensuring users have the access they need with robust self-service workflows. Execute time-based, role-based, annual, and ad-hoc access certification campaigns, while empowering business system owners to control them all.

Complex SOD Policy Handling

Eliminate conflicts of interest and control failures by implementing static and dynamic policies that enforce separation of duties (SOD) at a fine-grained application level.

Orphaned Account Detection

Alleviate concerns surrounding orphan and rogue accounts with reporting that automatically identifies these accounts in target systems.

API Password Management

Eliminate hard-coded credentials in application code and scripts through use of secure REST API calls.

Shared & Emergency Privileged Accounts

Enable users to request temporary access to shared and emergency privileged accounts in the event of “break-glass” situations.

Audit Logging & Reporting

Capture a complete compliance audit trail and gain security insights with comprehensive audit logging, pre-built reporting, and integration with security analytic systems, such as SIEM.

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