The Pathfinder Program

The ways of the past are no longer enough to meet the evolving needs of our learners. Individualizing and automating the learning process starts with a responsive platform as the foundation for digital identities.

Pathfinders are a community of thought-leaders, paving the way for educational organizations to embrace digital identity. These innovative, early adopters believe a personalized digital learning environment is essential for today’s classroom. Not only do Pathfinders create new paths of connections inside the community, but they also expand those connections outside of the community.

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What is the Pathfinder Community?

The RapidIdentity Pathfinder Program is a network of innovative thinkers who are passionate about laying the foundation for educational change. This grassroots community focuses on ensuring digital learning environments are secure, immediately available, and free from technical obstacles. The goal of the Pathfinder Program is to foster authentic collaboration and action on important educational issues such as: 

  • Interoperability
  • Individualization of education/learning
  • Humanizing technology
  • Identity-centric IT
  • Regulatory compliance & governance

Who Can Join the Pathfinder Community?

While Pathfinders have a diverse set of interests and abilities, a common thread amongst them is that they are interested in leading educational change through community collaboration. Instead of limiting the community to a certain set of titles or skills, we look for members who share these three traits:

  1. Believe that digital identity is the foundation to automate and individualize the learning process;
  2. Are interested in participating in fun activities with personalized rewards;
  3. Are eager to share with the community in virtual and in-person events.


Does this sound like you? Then let’s talk! We are always interested in adding members to our Pathfinder community who share our passion!


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