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Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity Lifecycle Management1

Unparalleled Flexibility

RapidIdentity allows institutions to connect to any application with intelligent automation that can account for even the most complex policies and data structure. RapidIdentity can translate data upon ingest and output, allowing you to overcome lack of data standardization in your ecosystem.

Enables IT Scalability and Agility

The flexibility of RapidIdentity helps IT teams to be more responsive to their users by automating repetitive tasks and processes, including automation of resource requests, password resets, and more.

Identity Practice to Augment Your Team

When you trust RapidIdentity to serve your identity lifecycle management needs, you also benefit from Support and Professional Services organizations who live and breathe the education industry.

Identity Lifecycle Management2


Complete Lifecycle Management for All Users

Identity Lifecycle Management3

Mitigate the risks of contingent worker access

Today’s contingent workers represent a growing and important part of a company’s workforce that includes skilled contractors, subcontractors, partners, and other temporary and seasonal employees. 

Yet, most organizations do not include contingent workers in their overall security models—putting them at serious risk for costly breaches. Download our eBook to learn more about mitigating this often overlooked security risk.

Identity Lifecycle Management Identity Lifecycle Management5
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Escondido Union School District Case Study

This K-8 school district in Escondido, California, needed to move away from unsustainable, manual processes of managing student and staff digital identities.

Industry: K-8

Solutions: Lifecycle Management

RapidIdentity Lifecycle Management for fully automated user provisioning, secure data transmission, self-service IT functionality, customized views and enhanced security.

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Reach Out to Get Started

Provide internal and external users with secure access to the right resources. Get in touch with Identity Automation for a live demo of our identity lifecycle management solution, RapidIdentity.