What Makes Identity Automation Different?

We Treat Online Identities for What They Represent—Unique and Valued People.

Today, technology is embedded in nearly every facet of an education ecosystem that is constantly changing. However, these systems often don’t interact and are difficult to align with the dynamic needs of the students and educators who rely on them. When automation and interoperability are lacking, it not only restricts students’ learning experience, but also their learning potential.

At Identity Automation, we understand the unique challenges that educators, faculty, students, and even parents face. That’s why we created RapidIdentity, a single Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, used by hundreds of school districts, colleges, and universities to provide easy, secure online access that digitally connects everyone. Because the digital classroom shouldn’t be a burden, but a transformative learning experience.

By putting the unique identities of both educators and students at the heart of the learning process, RapidIdentity helps academic institutions unlock their potential and provide a safer, more personalized learning experience.

Address the Needs of the Entire Educational Ecosystem

While single sign-on tools built to manage students and teachers may once have been enough, the complex digital infrastructure of academic institutions today requires a breadth of capabilities that goes well-beyond simple classroom management.

RapidIdentity was designed to care for the entire educational ecosystem, addressing both learning outcomes and learning safety with capabilities including identity lifecycle management for all user types (not just students and teachers), advanced single sign-on, analytics that provide meaningful insights into classroom engagement, automated rostering that ensures students always have access to the resources they need, and more.

Effectively Manage Complex Identities

We believe in empowering students and educators with a richer, more intuitive learning experience. But this can’t be achieved without the ability to personalize online learning to the unique needs of individual students and educators. That’s why we take an identity-first approach to educational workflows. RapidIdentity offers robust lifecycle management capabilities, flexible enough to handle the nuances of education’s complex identities that have differing roles and attributes and often, multiple affiliations.

Proven Resiliency & Scalability

Academic institutitions must support an exploding number of users, devices, and applications. With proven scalability to support 10,000 to 10 million users, RapidIdentity offers the high-availability and speed your organization needs to deliver the seamless digital classroom experience that’s essential to your students’ and teachers’ success. So, as your organization expands its digital footprint, our highly resilient platform is there to grow and adapt to your evolving needs without sacrificing classroom productivity due to downtime.

Trusted Partners on Your Journey

We are dedicated to working with you, at your pace, to build the digitally connected academic environment your students and educators need. Our best-in-class support team provides options for 24/7 support, managed services, a helpful user forum, comprehensive product documentation, and an exclusive online support channel. We’ve been helping academic institutions overcome their IAM challenges since 2004 and are there for your current and future needs.

Let’s Make the World of Education Better, Together

It’s our mission to empower educators and students everywhere with access to secure, agile, and constructive learning environments. Discover why RapidIdentity is the future.