Why Choose Identity Automation for Your IAM Needs

At Identity Automation, our commitment to you extends well beyond our Identity and Access Management platform. We consider ourselves partners on your digital transformation journey. We work together with you, at your pace, to build the digitally connected business environment you need to compete and win.

It’s this dedication to delivering continuous innovation, unmatched customer support, and the best value in the industry that has led to an unmatched record of customer success.

The Most Complete Solution Portfolio

While there are many point products that address individual challenges, today’s threat landscape requires a more integrated approach. Loosely piecing together multiple, point solutions doesn’t provide the same value as a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform. Identity Automation is a single vendor that can meet multiple aspects of your identity management strategy. The RapidIdentity Platform:

  • Delivers robust administration, authentication, authorization, and audit capabilities.
  • Spans all of your identity needs in a single platform.
  • Purpose-built for easy integration via intuitive configuration.
  • Adapts and grows with your business over time.

Powerful, Not Complicated

Identity services are increasingly being used by non-technical, business users as IT delegates user account management and access control tasks directly to managers and application owners. Self-service processes and workflows must be intuitive enough to empower people throughout the organization and free up IT resources.Identity Automation has worked with leading UX design firms to optimize our interfaces. The end result?

  • UI that’s tailored to your end-users and business owners.
  • Easy-to-use and customizable user portal.
  • End-users and managers can easily initiate and execute identity and access actions.
  • Maximizes understanding, utilization, and provides greater ROI with hands-on product training courses.

Proven Scalability

Digital environments must support an exploding number of users, devices, and applications. And, this will only increase as your organization rolls out additional digital services and new partners, contractors, vendors, and consumers need access to your systems and data. RapidIdentity was designed for massive deployments, with proven support for 1,000 to 10 million users. RapidIdentity:

  • Ensures high-availability and speed—no matter how many users.
  • Boasts multiple, real-world deployments of over 350,000 end-users and the world’s largest cloud deployment.
  • Leverages Amazon’s AWS platform to enable fully automated, dynamic scaling.
  • Manages the full identity lifecycle of all internal and external users.

Deploys in Weeks

Legacy and big box solutions are notorious for long, tedious deployments. From our days as a consulting firm that deployed legacy systems, to regularly replacing them today, we’ve seen these shortcomings firsthand. RapidIdentity was designed from the ground up to deploy in weeks—not months or years. See how RapidIdentity delivers fast time-to-value:

  • Integrates your systems faster with a powerful toolkit.
  • Executes against existing business processes with policy templates.
  • Enables drag and drop configuration with pre-built adaptors.
  • Earn a quicker return on your investment and reduce total cost of ownership.

Trusted Partners

At Identity Automation, we’re committed to your success. Our best-in-class support team ensures that you get the most from your RapidIdentity installation, with options for 24/7 support, managed services, a helpful user forum, comprehensive product documentation, and an exclusive online support channel. See the Identity Automation difference:

  • Singular focus on identity and access management. It’s all we do.
  • Track record of success, with over 1,000 successful implementations.
  • Lowest churn in the business with renewal rates of over 98%.
  • Longevity and expertise. We’ve been helping customers overcome their IAM challenges since 2004 and are there for your current and future IAM needs.

Ready to See How Identity Automation Can Help?

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