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The ability to quickly adopt applications and integrate them with your existing systems and data is crucial to your business’s growth and success. Your users want—and also expect—single sign-on (SSO) access to the latest apps. Your IT staff is tasked with making that happen. Don’t hold your business back with an IAM solution that can’t make this a reality.

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The Challenge

IT Can’t Keep Up with Demand

Your company’s employees expect access to the latest technologies, and the C-suite supports that. However, it falls on IT to make this happen. For every application you integrate, three more cloud-based apps show up on the list, and you just can’t keep up.

The Challenge

Legacy IAM Systems Weren’t Designed for Adding New Apps

Your legacy IAM solution simply wasn’t built for today’s digitally connected business and therefore, doesn’t offer an easy path for adding new applications. With legacy systems, connections are difficult and time-consuming, as is incorporating the necessary business logic and data feeds.

The Challenge

Not All Apps Are Easy to Integrate

The reality is many of the apps you want weren’t designed for easy integration, leading to costly coding services or consulting engagements. Such projects are a time-consuming drain on IT resources, often making it ineffective to take in smaller apps.

The Challenge

You’ve Got a Shadow IT Problem

Because you don’t have an easy path for adding new applications, your employees purchase and use apps and cloud services without IT oversight. Bring these unsanctioned technology purchases out of the shadows and under IT control.

The Solution


Easily integrate any cloud, on-premise, or Windows application. RapidIdentity provides far quicker, more secure, and more cost-effective ways for you to add virtually any application to your business environment. With RapidIdentity, you are not limited to an application catalog. True single sign-on can be enabled for virtually any application.


Provisioning & Single Sign-On to All Apps

Provide single sign-on to virtually any application, whether cloud-based, on-premise, Windows, or VDI environments. Provision user data and deliver SSO for users, regardless of the where the applications lives or the protocols it uses.

Deeper Levels of Integration

RapidIdentity fully supports SAML and OAuth, as well as has its own form-fill plugin for deeper levels of integration and more granular control.

RapidIdentity Browser Plugin

Regardless of an application’s authentication standards or limitations, RapidIdentity can address these shortcomings in the API interface—without additional tools or customization.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add a layer of integrated multi-factor authentication on top of single sign-on functionality that further secures access to business critical systems and sensitive data.

Bi-Directional Data Sharing

Enable two-way data sharing between applications that gives you the ability to pull user or account data and share it with target systems, without needing additional ETL tools.

Easy-to-Use Toolkit

Configure new connections to virtually any application with RapidIdentity’s bundled GUI toolkit. The point-and-click interface eliminates the need for developers or outside consultants.

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