Automate & Streamline Identity Lifecycle Management of ALL Users

Partners, vendors, contractors, and customers—in today’s digitally connected world, your employees aren’t the only ones that need access to your cloud apps, data, and systems. Giving both your internal and external users secure access to the right resources is crucial, but can be overwhelming, if not impossible, without the right technology.


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The Challenge

Inefficient Onboarding

Your HR and IT departments lack the automated tools and processes to quickly, efficiently, and securely create accounts for new employees in the necessary systems and applications.

The Challenge

Untended Orphan Accounts

You are de-provisioning users with manual, ad-hoc processes, resulting in access not being removed in a timely manner—or at all. These forgotten, orphan accounts give hackers a potential entry point to your systems and data.

The Challenge

Entitlement Creep

As your users change departments or move into new roles, they are retaining old credentials and accumulating untracked and excessive access rights over time.

The Challenge

Growing Demand for Third Party Access

A growing number of partners, vendors, suppliers, contractors, and customers need access to your systems and data. However, creating and managing these accounts is a time-intensive, manual process.

The Solution


RapidIdentity automates the full account lifecycle of ALL users, closing the security gaps in your current user identity and access controls and boosting end-user productivity. Rapididentity utilizes workflow-driven user provisioning and multi-directory identity and resource administration to streamline provisioning, managing, and deprovisioning user accounts and application access.

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Complete Lifecycle Management

Automate the process of identity creation and ensure user accounts are fully managed from cradle to grave with RapidIdentity.

Lifecycle Management for Customer & Partner Portals

Empower your business in today’s digitally connected world. Fully manage the identities and access of customers and partners that need to access your online portals.

Sponsorship of External Users

Provide the same level of identity lifecycle management for external users who don’t exist in your authoritative system as full-time employees with RapidIdentity Sponsorship.

Delegated Administration

Put control of new account creation, role and group assignment, and access requests, in the hands of the business managers and asset owners best equipped to make such decisions.

Dynamic Role Management

Automatically place users in the correct groups, using role- and attribute-based provisioning policies to add and remove access rights.

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