Identity Lifecycle Management

Unleash Your Business. Unburden IT.

Your employees, partners, vendors, and customers require quick and easy access to cloud apps, data, and systems. However, effectively managing accounts at scale in this digitally connected world can be overwhelming. This is especially true if your organization relies on manual processes, legacy systems, or mismatched point solutions.

The only way to truly empower your organization— to enable a seamless experience for all users, while simultaneously limiting access risk— is identity lifecycle management. RapidIdentity Lifecycle automates the full identity lifecycle of all users, while empowering end-users to manage their own accounts and passwords according to policy. This closes security gaps in identity and access controls and boosts end-user productivity.

Eliminate Repetitive and Labor-Intensive Manual Processes

RapidIdentity Lifecycle automates user account creation, location mapping, attribute updates, organizational unit moves, group memberships, and user account renames, disables and deletions, eliminating low-value, repetitive tasks for IT staff, while adding back valuable bandwidth for more strategic initiatives.

Empower Your Business and Workers

Simple online forms make it simple for users to request new entitlements and roles for themselves, other employees, contractors, or partners. RapidIdentity Lifecycle enables every user to function as if they were a power user. As a result, the frustrations and delays associated with requesting and waiting for proper access to be granted are greatly reduced.

Ensure Security with Always-Accurate Account Validation

When an employee leaves an organization or a vendor relationship ends, their accounts can remain in an active state well after-the-fact. RapidIdentity Lifecycle can automatically identify orphan accounts and alert system owners. Additionally, RapidIdentity Lifecycle prevents rogue administrative accounts from being created.

Robust Identity Lifecycle Management Features That Enhance Business Agility

Automated Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Fully automate identity creation at scale and ensure user accounts are managed from cradle to grave. RapidIdentity Lifecycle supports SAML, JIT, SCIM 2.0, and SPML provisioning standards.

Sponsorship for Non-Employee Populations

Provide the same level of identity lifecycle management for contractors, partners, and other external users who don’t exist in your authoritative system.

Granular Group Management

Remove the burden of manually managing group access with support for static and dynamic group assignments, inclusions and exclusions filtering, and nested group memberships.

Delegated Administration & End-User Self-Service

Put control of new account creation, role and group assignment, and access requests in the hands of business managers. Empower users to directly request additional or elevated access.

Dynamic Role Management

Automatically place users in the correct groups, using role- and attribute-based provisioning policies to add and remove access rights.

Enterprise-Ready Integrations

Connect authoritative source and target systems (on-premises and cloud-based) with pre-built connectors or custom-built using Identity Automation’s Software Development Kit (SDK). Integration options include: Text/Flat File (csv, xml), LDAP (AD, OpenLDAP, Open Directory, eDirectory, etc.), Database (via JDBC), Web Services (SOAP/REST), Command Line Interface (CLI).

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