PhishID Anti-Phishing Software for Schools

Reliable Phishing Prevention for Education

Today’s sophisticated phishing attacks have evolved well beyond email phishing. In fact, social media phishing now accounts for 51% of attacksbut are your users protected?

Now, RapidIdentity PhishID, powered by PIXM, delivers a student-friendly, touchless anti-phishing solution that prevents credential phishing attacks in-browser, regardless of their origin. PhishID uses cutting-edge AI to detect credential phishing at the point-of-click, before a user falls victim, keeping your academic institution ahead of ransomware and account takeover attacks.


Anti-Phishing Protection

Go Beyond Email Phishing Protection

Stop attacks where it matters most— a user’s browser. PhishID provides in-browser, anti-phishing protection regardless of a threat’s origin, including social media phishing, email phishing, phishing text messages, mobile devices, and even stealthy phishing links missed by other anti-phishing tools.

No Training Required

Avoid Learning Disruptions

PhishID automatically scans at the point-of-click, letting students and teachers focus on learning, not security guesswork. Anti-phishing protection deploys organization-wide in minutes via browser plug-in and users self-enroll personal devices using simple email verification—no anti-phishing training needed!

Real-Time Anti-Phishing

Prevent Credential Phishing In Real Time

Cutting-edge computer vision analyzes pages as they load, stopping phishing attacks in real-time. When a credential phishing attempt is detected, the user is immediately alerted and warned not to continue, before they fall victim and an account takeover attack can occur.

Anti-Phishing Protection Designed for Education’s Unique Needs

Point-of-Click Prevention

Provides anti-phishing protection to your entire user population by identifying and warning your users at the moment they would fall victim to a credential phishing attack.

AI-Powered Anti-Phishing Technology

Leverages powerful artificial intelligence to continuously evolve your organization’s anti-phishing protection. As new threats emerge, threat intelligence is fed back to the central service from a depository of known threats.

Effortless Administration

Implements anti-phishing protection across your organization via browser plug-in and rolls out using standard IT tools. No endpoint agents are required, and all updates occur automatically.

Cutting-Edge Computer Vision

Detects credential phishing attacks that other anti-phishing tools would miss using cutting-edge computer vision. PhishID trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world.

Phishing Attack Insights

Provides a high-level view of all phishing attacks stopped by PhishID, offering your organization insight into phishing campaign types, users most targeted and detailed browser telemetry.

Complements SafeID Monitoring

Works with RapidIdentity SafeID to holistically defend against account takeover attacks by safeguarding your organization with both compromised credential monitoring and proactive anti-phishing protection.

Let’s Make the World of Education Better Together

We help education institutions protect themselves online while preserving the productivity of the learning process. Identity Automation offers the only comprehensive and flexible cyberdefense platform purpose-built for education.