One Time Password (OTP) One Time Password (OTP)

One Time Passwords (OTPs) are unique passwords that are only valid for a single login session and a defined period of time. OTPs overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional (static) passwords because they are not reusable and therefore, aren’t vulnerable to replay attacks.

A user simply enters the six-digit code generated on a token or mobile application in conjunction with his or her username and an associated PIN or password. Once validated, the user is permitted access to the website, application, or operating system.


How One Time Passwords Work With RapidIdentity MFA

RapidIdentity MFA manages the lifecycle of One Time Password token seeds that are assigned to users. The token seeds are then associated with the user and a specific device, such as a token or mobile phone application. RapidIdentity MFA provides support for One Time Password with tokens, cards, and smartphone applications.


Benefits of One Time Password

  • Commonly used for remote access
  • Considered one of the stronger forms of authentication
  • Can use a user’s existing mobile phone to generate OTPs
  • Complements other forms of authentication, such as username/password for added protection
  • Expires after one use and within a defined period of time, so not vulnerable to replay attacks

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